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Focus and Concentrate Better Today – 5 Tips

By Roderick Powers

With so many things going on today , we need some practical ways to help get our lives back under control. Here are 5 tips that will help you concentrate better and stay focused.

#1. Get Rid Of The Clutter This will help you has much as anything. Clutter in the home , in closets, basements the garage is draining to our brains. Less stuff equals more focus and concentration and peace in your mind.

#2 Organize the Clutter Okay, if you cannot part from all that stuff, organizing it will make a big difference. Boxes, books etc , if they are a least stacked together in a nice conformed way will give your living space a much neater cleaner look.

#3 Keep a to-do-list This is an oldie but a goodie. This really does work. I find one the best way to do this is to have a simple legal size yellow note pad with a clear list of things you want to do and need to do. It draws your mind into focus and you will be amazed how much more you can do in less time.

#4 Divide Your Time into Time Blocks. Commit the things that you need to do in a 1-2 hour block of time. Just do the one thing you need to do during this time. Cleaning, reading, homework etc, this will help keep your mind from thinking of 10 other things your would like to do which help improve your concentration.

#5 Set Goals Another oldie but goodie. You can work this in to your to-do-list. At the end of each day write a list of goals for the next day, the next week, next month etc. Again this keeps your mind on track to move forward to stay focused and concentrate better. These are very practical tips on how to improve your focus and increase your concentration. Apply these 5 tips to your life and you will improve your focus and concentration today.Roderick Powers has been a business owner for over 20 years. He reads and reviews many self-help books and programs.


Focus and Concentration
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