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How To Be Smarter – Smart People Are More Successful In Life !

Be smarter and improve your intelligence, you will be grateful for your entire life. You will also be happier and more than likely financially successful. There are short term and long term methods to become smarter, increasing your intelligence even scoring higher on standard IQ tests.

Some quick fixes include simply improving your posture, correctly breathing, modifying your diet – yes you can improve intelligence, be smarter and be happier in life just by giving yourself the right fuel, having the right diet and even boosting performance with supplements as simple as caffeine in limited amounts. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen and water to optimize its functions. Even though the brain makes up hardly any of your entire body weight, it is estimated to use about one fifth of our entire oxygen consumption. If you take away oxygen supply from us, our brain performance decreases immensely. If you start to feel drowsy, even lazy and not that alert, be smarter and get some fresh air, walk down to the water cooler for a double dose of brain food, oxygen and water. After large meals, our digestive processing uses up a good portion of the available oxygen in biochemical reactions and limits the oxygen percentage that the brain receives through the blood transport.
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Subsequently, many of us feel sleepy after such a large meal. Be Smarter following a  suggestion here to choose  twice as many smaller meals or snacks rather than eat three full meals a day,  so there is another way. It is to chew up your food extremely well allowing some breakdown of food or digestion to occur within the mouth alleviating the stomach of the full oxygen depleting digestion processing. Blood transports nutrients and oxygen to our brain which needs a vast amount of blood circulation. Of course blood is made up of mostly water. So its easy to see the role of water in improving cognitive brain functioning here, drinking water is essential for optimal concentration and mental alertness. The brain needs a constant supply. So be smarter, do not reach the point where your mouth is dry and your desperately needing water. At that point, you are already dehydrated. Keep a steady supply of water throughout the day, keep sipping it as you work or exercise or even watching television.

And Get some exercise! `Aerobic action helps blood circulation, which aids brain function.

Long term, brainwave patterns have been entrained to match electrical frequencies associated with advanced brain functioning. By listening to computer generated tones that are emitted at specific frequencies, your brain’s electrical impulses will match these generated electrical impulses. We can thank how we were created for our brain’s ability to in a sense learn without having to learn. Brainwave entrainment can actually be a shortcut to success as brain wave patterns can be developed quickly instead of the method of many super successful in the past  often requiring  decades of training to form their neural pathways. The practice of entrainment relies on our brain’s ability to adapt to the preferred frequencies simply by listening to the corrected patterns in certain deep states of mind.

Meditation is a natural method that has been scientifically proven in some cases to effect the brain physically. First, meditation allows better breathing and with it the benefits of oxygen and improved blood flow as previously written here. Meditation can be learned from a beginner book from your library, articles on the web written by authorities in this field, and of course specialized training which can become quite expensive. Learn how to be smarter, learn to meditate … (word to the wise…) The benefits of meditation are worth it to many, as it is known to create a sense of heightened awareness, better focus, increased learning ability, improved recall and long term memory. Being quiet and listening in the learned relax state can provide your brain with better performance as actually processing information becomes more efficient as proven with the latest brain technology monitoring. Discover fresh connections. Let your brain float where it wishes for a couple of minutes daily. Attempt to discover connections between seemingly unconnected objects or thoughts, coercing your brain to form fresh neural links. Consider how info you know fits together with fresh things you’re learning.


Simple self hypnosis has shown improvement to a limited extent in accelerated learning, absorbing information faster with eye movement and still increasing comprehension. Download Self Hypnosis MP3s Some hypnosis in repeated sessions will increase the processing of information and subsequently recall. This is an area that has definitely shown proven results in brain improvement, however the reliability has not been flawless as some people will not be changed. The scientific community has also discovered that our brains have a hidden potential for improvement, creative thinking and optimal usage. Minimizing the detrimental effects that effect brain optimization is another field of study by many and a topic with too numerous fail modes to include all here in detail. Besides the physical limitations by lack of oxygen, water, exercise, incorrect nutrients, there exists new causes of brain degradation all of which are not clearly defined. Poor effects are known already from harmful stress, negative thoughts, distractions, excessive noise, chemicals and more.


There is new hope as well as great strides are being made in researching radiant thinking, mind mapping, linear thinking, creative visualization and effects, imagery, positive thoughts, positive surroundings and effects of affirmations… Remember, your brain cells crave stimulation. Use your brain throughout life. If your work doesn’t challenge you, go out and play brain games even, write, keep a daily journal. Discover material that makes you imagine and challenges your presumptions. Pick out material outside your conventional interests to extend your thinking and make your mind work harder


Some of the great minds in history as Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Thomas Faraday, Einstein, even Steven Hawking (electronically) were compulsive journal or diary maintainers and many people in a wide variety of professional disciplines have proven the IQ building effects of daily journal success, themselves being super high achievers. Utilize a diary to put down thoughts, ideas and aspirations. Journaling helps you to center, look for answers to issues and generate originative answers. Attempt journaling in pictures, outlining memories and ideas, which arouses the areas of your mind that handle complex reasoning. Draw diagrams to map problems you’re attempting to solve. Exercise Your Brain Even as you are able to build your muscles through exercise and discipline, it’s possible to build up or supercharge your I.Q. With practice and common mental exercises. Games, puzzles and particular methods challenge your brain to form and confirm fresh neural pathways. Additionally, providing your mind with what it requires physically results in intelligence gains. Bettering your mental fitness may be done a bit at a time, slowly supercharging your intelligence.

Brain Games – A lot of games force your mind to think logically and strategically. As they keep the challenges coming in, games force you to think, react and pick faster than you have to in real life. Play competitive games that call for strategic thinking, like chess. Do the crossword. Puzzles that call for originative solutions extend the dendrites, your brain’s neurons that carry electrical impulses from one component of the brain to the other. Take a deep breath. Great brain health calls for plenty of oxygen. Mind function is bettered with relaxation and oxygenation, and low oxygen levels have been associated to decreased brain function. Attempt centered breathing or meditation. Breathe really slowly and deeply while aiming your awareness to one particular area of your body at a time. This relaxes and centers your brain.


Get rest. Lack of sleep has a damaging effect on brain function. The brain requires good quality sleep, not just loads of sleep.

Brain Food


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Take ascorbic acid and vitamin E. Their antioxidants clear away toxins and protect the integrity of your brain cells. Vitamin C is great for clearing off mental fog and bettering focus. Vitamin E’s antioxidant results are stronger than those of Vitamin A, and help clear the way for nutrients to get to your brain. Brain Food is any food that is actually considered to be an aid in a person’s intelligence. Therefore, brain food is food that affects your intelligence, creativity, memory, or any other intellectual part of your life.It might not be something that you are aware of, but the food that you eat actually does affect the performance of your brain. It is has been proven that if you are able to eat the right foods, you will be able to boost your IQ and also do things like improve your mood, be more emotionally stable, and sharpen your memory, along with keeping your mind young and healthy.

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