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How to Increase Intelligence

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    Optimizing the potential of one’s brain is the quest of many successful

    people in business, education and success in life generally ranging from

    relationships to job salary or success in business . Both at the conscious

    level and non-conscious or developing your subconscious mind people have

    experienced great achievement in optimizing thinking skills and are excited

    to experience the many changes in their lives that effortlessly appear when

    they take steps to increase brain power .

    Articles, blog posts and resources as brain improvement software, brainwave

    entrainment MP3s and CDs on this site or recommended are to help detail

    how to increase intelligence and influence your brain not only for

    optimal function but to easily attain targeted goals and continuous

    improvement in your own passion in life.

    Throughout the site are articles from admin as well as guest featured authors

    in the study of brain science and practical steps to increase brain power for

    all ages and applications that are interspersed with simple brain and

    intelligence tips, exercises to help improve the aspects of the brain here

    that contribute to one’s intelligence.

    Brain Improvement Tools

    Ongoing we cover benefits of simple brain exercises, even brain games,

    benefits of walking, stretching to how aromatherapy can stimulate brain

    activity. Mind Mapping and developments in Brain Music are taking major steps

    in maximizing the brain’s potential answering how to increase intelligence

    with effective brainwave entrainment CD s or even downloading a brainwave

    entrainment MP3 and of course methods in how to mind map are not limited in

    applications for sure. You’ll see Mind Map tips and ideas as well as

    advantages and disadvantages of mind maps in detailed step by step methods of

    brain mapping applications ranging from project management, solving problems

    to speed reading, even mind mapping for families.

    Search This Site for how to increase intelligence

    All are encouraged to use the search function near the top right of each page

    Categories of articles and related blog posts are a great tool to find help

    in areas of need or desire for brain improvement.

    Of course the top Brain improvement software and self hypnosis downloads

    brainwave entrainment MP3s are reviewed with the best of presented in a

    rolodex online.

    How to improve intelligence techniques

    definitely includes improving your memory, brain speed or about thinking

    faster, solving problems and even puzzles of course , but also cover

    important intelligence improving tips and tactics to increaser attention and

    focus, concentration and your mental flexibility.

    Improving memory – viewed by many as a key brain characteristic of people

    with higher intelligence

    Articles and tips address what theory views as three types of memory, of

    course your short-term and long term memory but also the sensory register

    when your sensory organs feel or in a sense gather information, the sensory

    register hols information until it is in a sense prioritized by the mechanism

    of attention. Attention actually determines what you notice and subsequantly

    retain. By increasing focus and attention, you can enhance your memory.

    Many people do not realize the importance of exercising their brain, yet

    almost everyone realizes the importance of bodily exercise such as aerobics.

    It is just as important to keep your brain flexible and strong as it is to

    keep your body exercised and well toned. If you do not exercise your body,

    eventually you will get all flabby and out of shape. The same goes for your

    brain. No one wants a flabby brain, as once it gets out of shape it can be

    difficult to get it back into prime form again.

    How can you exercise your brain? Crossword and word find puzzles do an

    excellent job of keeping your brain alert and active. Anagrams are useful as

    well. Some studies claim video games are also good brain exercises. Any task

    that requires some sort of mental effort makes an excellent exercise. The key

    to success is to do some form of brain exercise on a regular basis, just as

    you schedule physical exercise.

    Rating your ability in improving your intelligence is based on your ability

    to do well in all these areas. Although being a creative genius can trump a

    weakness in any area

    Quick look at creativity and how to increase intelligence

    Methods in improving creativity, inventiveness as well as the laser focus of

    a genius concentration are reviewed. It has been said by many that creative

    thinking is rather like a muscle. If it does not get a good workout every so

    often, it will wither up and be useless, much like a muscle that has


    Allow yourself to think in a creative way. Take deep, cleansing breaths, and

    focus on your breathing in order to clear your mind and ready it for the

    reception of creativity. Use your mind power to visualize different objects

    and scenes, down to the smallest detail.

    Ask yourself a lot of “What if?” questions, and visualize the results,

    complete with dialogue if applicable. Jot down any ideas you come up with at

    random, and mull them over when you have the chance. Read everything you can

    get your hands on, as you never know what might spark a real winner of an

    idea. One of those ideas may well change your life – or the world!

    Here’s a deep thinking technique used by Albert Einstein for one, Thomas

    Edison too

    This wasn’t Einteins original method but he did perfect it… Thomas Edison


    Deep Thinking Thought experiments were easy to accomplish and to


    Basically, you sit comfortably with a relaxed mind and start to visualize

    yourself in a certain scene. Most people choose a subject for their scene

    that ties in with whatever task they may be trying to accomplish on that

    particular day

    Once you have reached this point in the deep thinking technique, you will

    allow the creative power that naturally dwells deep within your unconscious

    mind to take over. You are creating what some would call a movie of the mind,

    and you will be watching what your unconscious produces.

    In fact, you will be so deep within your subconscious mind that it is likely

    you will fall into a deep sleep. Einstein managed this interruption by

    clasping a rock in each hand, so that when he fell asleep, they would fall on

    the floor. The resulting noise would be enough to wake him from his slumber,

    and he would immediately be able to go back to his thought experiment

    A deep thinker is in the habit of asking questions of himself and of others

    that are quite deep and profound. Unlike shallow questioning, these queries

    can be a question within a question. You will find that you are asking ‘Why?’

    a lot. Each time you ask, the question will lead you further into the

    subject, and often will branch out into a new one. This is the nucleus of

    deep thinking.

    Take the time to think about the words you use, both in conversation with

    others and in the running discourse with yourself that you carry on in your

    mind. Try not to take the definitions of these words too literally, for if

    you do, you will limit your thinking. Ask yourself why certain words

    have the meaning that they do.

    How To Improve Intelligence

    You will discover that there are many ways to train your brain to think more

    effectively. You can maximize your brain power and keep your brain agile as

    well. A more powerful mind can be yours, and you will be enlightened by the


    Aging Brain Issues

    An aging brain can definitely benefit from the stimulation involved in

    playing mind games. These should be started no later than the age of 40,

    preferably much sooner. Even children can benefit from including mind games

    into their daily schedule. Studies have shown that the fitness of the brain

    can be increased by spending just a half hour a day with these pleasant little


    Word games, brain teasers, logic puzzles, and math puzzles can give your

    brain a real memory workout and memory is an important factor in how to

    increase intelligence . Memory exercises can increase both the memory and the

    attention span, and they don’t have to cost you a thing, as many of these

    games are online. With just a little searching, you can set up a veritable

    brain gym for yourself and the members of your family, right on your home


    The game of chess has always had a reputation for being tailor made for

    super-intelligent people. Chess is an excellent game to improve the mind, but

    there are other games that would do much the same thing. A lot depends on the

    individual who is playing the game. If a certain game is a challenge for you,

    and you can tell it makes you think a bit harder than you normally do, then

    that game will be just right for you to use in order to exercise your mind

    and memory.

    increase iq
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