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Deep Thinking Technique

Deep Thinking

Anyone who is familiar with the life and work of Albert Einstein could tell you that this esteemed physicist had a deep thinking technique that absolutely worked well for him. Einstein dubbed this technique ‘thought experiments’, and though it was not his own method, it worked extremely well for him.

Thought experiments were easy to accomplish and to understand, and they can work for you as well as they did for Einstein. Basically, you sit comfortably with a relaxed mind and start to visualize yourself in a certain scene. Most people choose a subject for their scene that ties in with whatever task they may be trying to accomplish on that particular day.

Once you have reached this point in the deep thinking technique, you will allow the creative power that naturally dwells deep within your unconscious mind to take over. You are creating what some would call a movie of the mind, and you will be watching what your unconscious produces.

In fact, you will be so deep within your subconscious mind that it is likely you will fall into a deep sleep. Einstein managed this interruption by clasping a rock in each hand, so that when he fell asleep, they would fall on the floor. The resulting noise would be enough to wake him from his slumber, and he would immediately be able to go back to his thought experiment.

This is the nucleus of deep thinking. A deep thinker is in the habit of asking questions of himself and of others that are quite deep and profound. Unlike shallow questioning, these queries can be a question within a question. You will find that you are asking ‘Why?’ a lot. Each time you ask, the question will lead you further into the subject, and often will branch out into a new one.

Deep Thinking Technique

Take the time to think about the words you use, both in conversation with others and in the running discourse with yourself that you carry on in your mind. Try not to take the definitions of these words too literally, for if you do, you will limit your thinking. Ask yourself why certain words have the meaning that they do.

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