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Nurture, Develop and Encourage Your Child’s IQ

Once a baby is born and parents are told that they have given birth to a healthy and beautiful child, they wonder about his or her IQ. They want to make sure his intellectual abilities and capabilities are both strong and well developed in order to be able to lead a successful and happy life full of personal, professional, academic and social achievements.

In fact, there are plenty of books, online articles and experts available in the market that offer many different solutions and strategies that teach parents how to nurture, develop and encourage their child’s IQ. Some strategies may seem more difficult, some may seem easier than others, and parents may want to put into practice those that are more suitable for their child’s age range, interests and personality.

The IQ stands for the acronym Intelligence Quotient, but it does not determine how intelligent you are. In fact, it just expresses a numerical way to measure somebody’s ability to work out problems. It focuses the attention on those that learn new concepts or skills either visually or audibly, but it does not consider those that find it easier to acquire new knowledge using their intrapersonal and interpersonal abilities or through kinesthesis or smell.

According to experts, there are some things that parents can do in order to nurture, develop and encourage their child’s IQ. Let’s explore some of the most interesting of them:

  • Read to your child! Reading is a helpful tool that enhances the ability of your child’s mind to understand critical thinking. It is not news at all that reading develops a child’s imagination and exposes him or her to new environments and scenarios. There are books for children of every age, no matter what their personal interests are. If your child is old enough to already know how to read by himself, it is highly advisable that you make sure you offer your child different texts to read: stories, newspaper articles, comic strips, magazines and books.
  • Encourage your child to write handwritten texts whenever possible. Parents can ask their child to take down notes for them, to write down the shopping list for the supermarket or dictate him small texts.
  • Choose the games and toys you offer your child to play with. It is highly advisable that they are offered educational toys that are tailored for your child’s age, emotional development and personal interests. You can also give him or her toys and games that let him explore his creativity, develop his imagination and challenge him intellectually. Avoid those toys and games in which your child is a mere spectator. Puzzles are, for instance, an excellent alternative!
  • Some video games are especially tailored suit to nurture, develop and encourage your child’s IQ. Playing Tetris, for example, has proven to be an excellent tool to increase your brain efficiency.
  • Crosswords and Sudokus are a great way of encouraging your child’s IQ. They are excellent ways of learning new vocabulary, develop lateral thinking and of learning how to think out of the box.
  • Encourage your children to listen different types of music. Classical music, especially that written and composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, has convincingly been proven to nurture and develop your child’s IQ.

The educational development of your child is an incredible journey, one that begins before birth! And it’s a difficult journey, wading through the mountain of information on not only the educational, but the social / emotional development of your child.

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By Joesy Finn

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