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The Science & Health Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify I describe the mechanisms by which deliberate heat exposure impacts body temperature, metabolism, heart health, hormone production, exercise recovery, cognition, mood, and longevity. I detail specific protocols for deliberate heat exposure, including exposure times, temperature ranges to consider, time of day, and delivery mechanisms (sauna vs. hot bath vs. open […]

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Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health and Performance

Listen: YouTube | Apple Podcasts | Spotify I describe mechanisms by which deliberate cold exposure can enhance mental health, physical health, and performance. I detail specific protocols to safely engage in deliberate cold exposure, including minimal exposure times, time-of-day effects, determining optimal temperatures, recovery, mindset, and movement during cold exposure. I discuss how cold exposure […]

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A conversation at the frontier of digital health innovation, FDA regulations, and cognitive health

Digital Therapeutics for MCI and Alzheimer’s disease: A Regulatory Perspective (The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease): –This article is adapted from a comprehensive conversation between Dr. Murali Doraiswamy and Dr. Jeffrey Shuren at the 2021 Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference in Boston. Dr. Shuren is a behavioral neurologist who has held a variety […]

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