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New neurotech report examines how we are unlocking the brain’s longevity potential

Our comprehensive market intelligence report reviews how we understand the biologically aging brain and the solutions neurotech offers. We are delighted to announce the publication of a brand new market intelligence report that examines technological interventions that interact with the brain and provides a detailed analysis of the significant and growing neurotechnology market. The report’s […]

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News on how the brain changes over time, how to clear foggy brains, how to multitask (or not), and more

Welcome to a new edition of SharpBrains’ e‑newsletter, featuring timely brain & mental health news and a fun brain teaser to test the limits of multi-tasking. #1. Collaborative neuroimaging initiative BrainChart helps chart how brains change across the lifespan. Among the many fascinating findings: “The volume of grey matter (brain cells) increases rapidly from mid-gestation […]

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Five ways to clear foggy brains and improve cognitive well-being

The other day, my friend Kristina told me that one evening she unintentionally locked her husband in a downstairs part of their house. She had known he was down there, but while distractedly locking the door for the night, forgot completely. She didn’t realize what she’d done until she saw a text from her husband […]

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