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Andrew Steele: Our goal must be to cure aging

Best-selling author has high hopes for senolytics and wants society to realise that aging doesn’t have to be inevitable. What is happening as we age, and how can we slow down the process? Just some of the questions that scientist-turned-writer Dr Andrew Steele addresses in his critically acclaimed book Ageless: The new science of getting […]

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TruDiagnostic – measuring biological age through epigenetic testing and research

TruDiagnostic provides a full suite of aging related metrics, including telomere length measurements, intrinsic and extrinsic age calculations, immune cell subset deconvolution, current pace of aging and more.  We have been bringing you extracts from 7 trailblazer profiles from our new Biological age diagnostics report – dynamic and innovative companies we feel are driving this exciting […]

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