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Sleep Better for Greater Waking Intelligence – A Brain and Biochemical View With Simple Solutions

We as people tend to overcomplicate. Those thinking about enhancing their brain power, for example, may feel lured to concentrate on methods such as brain plasticity, or nootropics prior to thinking about the most basic and standard modifications they might make. Nutrition is one. However a lot more standard is sleep. If you wish to […]

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Brainwave Entrainment and Intelligence

Brainwave entrainment is defined as the process of introducing a change in the brainwave patterns in such a way that a better and more desirable state of mind is achieved. Brainwave entrainment is done in such a manner that individuals are able to cope up with brain related problems like strain, tension, fatigue or mental […]

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The Neuroscience of Intelligence

If you want to strengthen intelligence, it makes good sense to first try and define what we mean by intelligence. How do you measure it and what precisely is it? As it happens, the official answer at this moment is ‘no one knows’. Intelligence is a highly abstract concept and effectively might not even be […]

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