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Hi, Impact is run by’s Mind Brain Health Expert Author Leon Edward who  helps others keep their brain healthy, optimizing brain function at any age and maintain healthy aging with continuous improvement of mind  body, spiritual health and financal health.

He committed himself to optimizing brain health, understanding mind power, the power of thinking,  and healthy aging at conscious and subconscious levels after recovering from a serious neck and head injury from a gunshot at an early age. With an accredited Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from S.U.N.Y. followed by graduate study at RIT in Management and Applied Statistics, he went on to study the power of thinking, cognitive thought processes for success and achievement.

After a successful 25 year career,  he shares information on improving the mind freely as tips and the latest breakthroughs in mind power. He also provides health tips for similarly injured victims at his hemiparesis website.

Leon Edward helps people improve  IQ, focus, memory, concentration, creativity, thinking skills in reports, articles and strongly recommended audio ranging from brain entrainment, self hypnosis mp3s and CDs with amazing brainwave relaxation and guided meditation audio at his website .

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Leon Edward is passionate about optimizing the brain and mind power with a success mindset.

And Leon Edward ‘s intention is help people awaken their inner potential, subconscious mind power and to make people aware of the unlimited mind power they were given at birth.

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