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Scientific Research Shows Hypnotherapy Effective For Hot Flashes In Menopause

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According to recent studies hypnotherapy has been shown effective in improving various measures of hot flashes in menopause. These studies have proven that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for symptoms of menopause, such as, hot flashes and night sweats, but, surprisingly, the use of hypnosis as a treatment for menopause is lower than it used to be.

Women looking for a safe effective treatment without the side effects of the medicine are encouraged to look into hypnotherapy.

Hypnotic relaxation therapy has been found to reduce hot flashes by as much as 80% according to recent studies and it has been shown that those who are going through menopause reduce their risk of depression if they use hypnotherapy.
Another benefit of using hypnotherapy during menopause is that patients report better quality of life and reduced anxiety.

Researchers are unsure exactly how hypnotherapy helps with hot flashes but they are suggesting that it has to do with reducing the fight or flight response which has been thought to be responsible for the hot flashes and increased heart rate suffered during menopause. Others suggest that hypnosis simply helps the patient relax and therefore reduces the number of hot flashes they suffer.

How Hypnosis Works

When a person is hypnotized, their subconscious is unlocked and new ideas are imputed into the subconscious by the hypnotist. While it is unclear how hypnosis helps with hot flashes in menopause many hypnotists focus on the thoughts of cool comfortable environments while the patient is undergoing hypnosis.

It is suggested that these thoughts help the body to cool itself when a hot flash begins by triggering the thoughts of the cool environment in the subconscious.


There are three different options for undergoing hypnosis to help with hot flashes during menopause.
1. The first option is, of course, to go to a professional hypnotherapist who is an expert I the field. This is the most effective of the three options and studies have shown that as much as 80% of hot flashes can be treated by seeing a hypnotherapist.

2. The second option is self-hypnosis which is when the patient spends time relaxing and focusing on visualizing cool relaxing environments. Before doing this it is important to learn the proper techniques.

3. The third option is a sort of mixture between the first two options. This is when you listen to recordings in the comfort of your own home while visualizing.

Of course you can use any mixture of the three options in order to maximize your benefits.

Will Hypnosis Work For You?

This type of hypnosis typically works on most anyone. With consistent effort, it has been proven to bring results.
Of course, if you are taking any type of medication you need to discuss it with your doctor should you be thinking of using hypnosis instead of the drugs, but, you can always use hypnosis in addition to taking prescribed medications.

What Science Says

Since it is very difficult to conduct a study against hypnosis versus placebo there have been few tests done but one test was conducted over a five-week period which involved 187 women who reported suffering from hot flashes.
During this study, the women who received weekly hypnosis treatments reported a decrease in the number of hot flashes they experienced, as well as, a decrease in other menopausal symptoms.

Many of the women reported that by the fourth week their hot flashes had decreased by as much as 70% and during a follow up three months later the hot flashes had decreased on average by 80%.

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