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Improve   Relationships with These 6 Brain Rewiring Techniques

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Are you stuck in a relationship that’s not really going anywhere? Do you have a tendency to get into destructive relationships that end with grief and heartbreak? Are you looking to improve and strengthen your current relationships? Neuroplasticity or brain rewiring can help you build healthy, strong and enduring relationships.

Neuroscientists have discovered a number of powerful techniques to help rewire the brain’s neural pathways and change the way you approach your personal   relationships. These methods require nothing more than commitment and practice.

Reflect on negative beliefs

Your beliefs dictate your behavior and over time, become ingrained habits. This is because over time, your brain forges neural pathways each time you act on those beliefs. The more you think and behave a certain way, the deeper those neural pathways become, and your behavior becomes a habit that you engage in without thinking.

Identify and Reflect on your beliefs about relationships, as they could be the reason behind your issues. Try asking yourself the following:

  • Do you tend to be domineering with your kids because you believe that a parent should be firm and in control?
  • Do you believe that a relationship means being selfless and giving, even the other party doesn’t give back?
  • Do you believe that marriage and friendship are “for life” and continue to remain in a destructive relationship with this belief?
  • Do you believe that and abusive partner or friend treats you that way because you’ve done something to deserve it?
  • Do you allow yourself to be led and used because you don’t have the self- confidence to speak up?
  • Are you afraid to end a negative relationship because you’re afraid you won’t find anything better?

Once you have identified your negative beliefs, you will probably be able to see why and where you are having problems in a relationship. Next, it’s time to challenge and change those beliefs with visualization.

Practicing visualization

Your brain does not know the difference between your thoughts about reality and your imagined thoughts. This is why visualization is a powerful way to rewire your brain.

  • Visualize what your ideal relationship with your partner, child or friend would look like. Do this I as much detail ads possible, even visualizing settings and conversations. It could be that your beliefs are hindering you from expressing emotions. Visualize yourself with the person in question, freely and sincerely expressing your emotions, and visualize their reaction. If you want a relationship   to be more open and giving. If that’s the case, visualize yourself deep in conversation with the person in question, visualize romantic activities or family outings that bring you and your loved ones closer together.
  • If your partner or friends complain that you don’t listen enough, visualize setting where you are attentive and supportive.
  • Visualize standing up for yourself in a destructive relationship, or even ending it altogether, and how you would behave.

Whatever you feel is lacking in your relationships, visualize it over and over again as much as you can. Over time, your brain will begin to reinforce the very behavior you are visualizing.

More importantly, the more you begin behaving differently, your brain will forge a new neural pathway. The old pathway associated with your negative beliefs will gradually disappear.

Act on your visualizations

Once you get good at visualizing, help your brain rewire itself faster by practicing your new belief whenever you can. This will make the process faster.

Catch yourself when those negative beliefs come up and dismiss them immediately. Instead, act according to your positive visualization


As you can see, struggling with difficult relationships is really all in your head. It’s all about the beliefs that you have developed over time. The change will happen gradually and with each step forward, and you will amaze yourself.

Once you are able to pinpoint this root cause, the solution is as easy as rethinking your way to stronger, lasting relationships.

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