Hypnosis for Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are inherent parts of life that, in essence, are devastating and stressful. Everyone will eventually suffer loss in their lives, whether it is the loss of friends, family members, pets, or less tangible things such as a health, wellness, and even mental stability.

When people think of the gravity of what we could and eventually will lose, it evokes a natural emotional response that, while healthy, can become a burden. Many people struggle with the very idea of grief and loss, let alone the real thing, and while these responses are healthy and normal, they can turn out to be destructive.

The Unique Healing Process of Grief and Loss

Emotional healing is very different from physical healing because of the deep psychological connection to the pain. When given time, the healing process helps us to regroup, rejuvenate, and eventually become inspired to move forward with a deeper, more meaningful appreciation for life and the people within in it.

This type of grief is known has healthy grief because it renews us and allows us to take on a new, more unique perspective on life and our relationships. Many people come out on the other side of healthy grief stronger, more compassionate, and more loving human beings.

The time frame for grief and loss is not specified. Some people need more time than others while some grieve for a set amount of time before moving on. There are many people, however, that never get to experience healthy grief because the pain and suddenness of grief and loss instill different emotions within them: bitterness and fear.

When Grief and Loss Become Too Much

There are times when the strain of natural losses can become too much to handle. Some people express this feeling through anxiety, depression, paranoia, or complete withdrawal from life. As some losses can carry more significance than others, they can also have a deeper impact on our lives.

For example, the loss of a parent, child, or sibling could affect someone so severely that their life may literally be turned upside down. The financial, emotional, and physical repercussions of this loss can weigh down upon them so much that they can no longer function in everyday life. This is the height of fear caused by grief and loss.

On the other side of this spectrum is the severity of bitterness as a reaction to grief and loss. Bitter grief actually causes us to suffer unnecessarily because we create excess pain and tension around a natural event that may have come unexpectedly. For those who suffer from bitter grief, their grief does not improve over time.

It may actually become worse and result in feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, blame, anger, and negative thoughts that constantly recall the loss.

Similar to bitter grief is complicated grief, which is grief that cannot be pinpointed, identified, or helped. It is always there, gradually becoming worse as time goes on.

Counseling and medication are often the go-to treatments for this form of grief, but there are other natural strategies to try.

Hypnosis for Grief and Loss

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can be excellent help with bereavement. Through techniques such as focused attention, heightened awareness, and openness to suggestion, the hypnotherapist holds the ability to alter your emotional attachment to some memories as well as your reactions and responses to grief.

The power of the mind allows hypnosis to reach in and safely manipulate the painful emotional connections with events and memories that develop during a prolonged grieving period.

Properly guided hypnotherapy can help you accept your loss in order to begin the healing process. When used alongside modern medications and treatments, hypnotherapy can act as an effective complementary treatment to aid your progress throughout the process.

The following are some of the ways professional hypnosis can help in the midst of significant grief and loss:

It can help you overcome the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, depression, and sadness
It can help you set boundaries for your grieving period so that you can actively move forward with your life
It can help you create a positive vision for your future
It allows you to heal at your own pace
It helps you to get in touch with your subconscious where your inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings reside
It helps you learn how to relax and mediate feelings of stress and anxiety

Grief and Loss Hypnosis Sessions

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