How Self-Hypnosis Can Affect Your Health

The old saying, ‘Heal thyself’ may have been the result of a conversation about how your mind can help to heal yourself, both in mind and body. Modern medicine is now realizing the need and purpose of using self-hypnosis to help with certain medical illnesses.

When you utilize your subconscious mind to give your body signals that are positive and healing, you may be able to do more about illness than you can by passively taking pills or having surgery.

Some conventional treatments for certain conditions just don?t work or cause more damage than good. Self-hypnosis uses the incredible powers of the mind to visualize and make suggestions that are more apt to help both immediately and for the long term solution.

Self-hypnosis allows a practitioner or a patient to use the mind/body connection to promote healing. As you’re in a relaxed state during self-hypnosis, you’re better able to influence parts of your body and mind that just isn’t possible when you’re in a conscious state of mind.

You can actually ease pain and encourage healing by practicing self-hypnosis. The American Cancer Society is finding that self-hypnosis is a very effective way for people receiving treatment for cancer to control many side effects, including pain, nausea, and weight loss.

Physicians are also finding that burn victims can ease the excruciating pain of burns by visualizing and suggestions that can be created when using self-hypnosis techniques. Other illnesses and symptoms such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and respiratory problems can be effectively treated with self-hypnosis.

In a recent study (1999), a Harvard psychologist found that broken bones healed faster with the practice of self-hypnosis and childbirth is undergoing an amazing turn around by using the techniques to lessen the fear and the pain of childbirth.

Besides healing and restoring health where a problem exists, it’s also possible to become healthy and resist illnesses with self-hypnosis. You can retrain your brain to help you exercise more, resist foods that are bad for you, stop smoking or alcohol consumption and even control your hormones.

Science has just broken the surface on what self-hypnosis can do for our mental and physical health and well-being, but before it can make a lot of headway, old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis must be dispelled.

Hypnosis can?t make you do what you don’t want to do, but it can make you more receptive to suggestions you receive from your subconscious mind that you access while hypnotized. It can become a powerful way to treat illnesses in the future.

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