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Cognitive Daily Closes Shop after a Fantastic Five-Year Run

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Five years ago today, we made the first post that would eventually make its way onto a blog called Cognitive Daily. We thought we were keeping notes for a book, but in reality we were helping build a network that represented a new way of sharing psychology with the world. Cognitive Daily wasn’t the first psychology blog, but clearly it filled an important niche, because within a year, we were receiving over 30,000 page views a month. Now we often get over 100,000 page views a month, and we’ve totaled over four million. We reach many more people than would ever have bought our book, and we’ve made many people aware that psychology is much more than Sigmund Freud.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to that. We are permanently closing Cognitive Daily, and this will be our last post.

While we won’t be here, we’ve seen a number of exceptional psychology blogs join us in sharing the science of psychology with the world, and we encourage you to visit them. Rather than single any of these blogs out, we ask that you visit Dave’s ongoing project, ResearchBlogging.org. There, by clicking on the “Psychology” and “Neuroscience” channels, you can find nearly 100 blogs that regularly discuss peer-reviewed research in the same fields we’ve been covering here. You can also follow dedicated psychology and neuroscience RSS feeds, or the @researchblogs twitter feed, to get an even broader view of what’s going on in the world of science.

We’re grateful to many, many people who have helped make Cognitive Daily great. There are too many to mention by name, but without the many scientists who provided the raw materials, the bloggers who’ve helped share ideas, and the administrators and techies who’ve made it all work, this blog simply couldn’t exist. And, of course, without our readers and commenters, Cognitive Daily probably wouldn’t have been around for more than a few months. You’ve inspired us, motivated us, corrected us, disputed us, informed us, and responded to more polls and surveys than we ever imagined possible. We hope you’ll continue to find Cognitive Daily useful; the archives will remain here for all to see.

What will we do with all that time we’ve freed up? Greta plans to continue her work as Professor of Psychology at Davidson College, teaching and mentoring students, conducting research, and sharing her love of music, literature, and art. Dave will continue as editor of ResearchBlogging.org and weekly columnist for SEEDMAGAZINE.COM, and he’ll maintain his personal blog, Word Munger and his obsessively-updated Twitter account. In addition, Dave’s planning a new project, to be unveiled within the next few weeks. Look for more information about it on Twitter and Word Munger. In addition, Dave’s now launched a new blog, The Daily Monthly. Check there for a new post every day, a new topic each month.

Thanks again for being a part of Cognitive Daily. It’s been an amazing ride.


Update 1/23/2010: Comments have been disabled sitewide. Thanks to everyone for your kind regards.

Update 2/4/2010: Dave’s new project The Daily Monthly is now live. Check there for more writing from Dave.

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