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The Constant Fight or Flight

It is common knowledge that many people live their lives in a constant state of chronic stress. This is a serious problem because it triggers the release of negative hormones and neurotransmitters that play havoc with your health. But it actually goes deeper than that. Chronic stress means that you are constantly being pushed and […]

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The Effects of Stress on the Brain

When the human body first experiences stress adrenaline takes over and causes a chain-reaction within the nervous system. The heart begins to beat faster, the sizes of the body’s blood vessels are changed, and the body actually prepares itself for a frightening or emotional event. Even though the humans that are in existence today aren’t […]

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Clear Thinking and Decision Making Tips That Can Reduce Stress

It is important that you are clear headed before you make any decisions. When you make decisions in haste or without thinking about the outcome or what the repercussion could be, you could be setting yourself up for more trouble. Decide How You Decide According to experts in the field of teaching executive through the […]

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