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Brain Acidity Imbalance in Psychiatric Disorders

Researchers discover imbalanced pH and lactate levels in the brains of mouse models of schizophrenia, ASD and bipolar disorder. They believe the imbalances could reflect an underlying pathophysiology to some psychiatric disorders.

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New Cause of Schizophrenia Uncovered

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have made a significant discovery as to how schizophrenia may occur. They discovered a genetic defect that causes damage to glial cells may also impair the production of myelin. Researchers believe the lack of myelin may be a significant contributor to the development of schizophrenia in some patients.

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Progress in Building Europe’s New Platform For Understanding the Brain

Neuroscientists recently converged on Glasgow to discuss advances in the quest toward building a unified platform for brain research.

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Mind Flex: Neurons Involved in Memory and Learning Less Stable and More Flexible Than Thought

Harvard researchers reveal neurons associated with memory formation may be far more flexible than previously believed. They report their findings point to plasticity in neural networks that help with the integration of new information.

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Researchers Discover the Brain is Strobing, Not Constant

According to researchers, perception is cyclical. In a new study, researchers report that, much like visual perception, auditory perception and attention are rhythmic in nature.

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