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Finally, people are starting to understand!

Being intelligent matters. Despite the negative stigma given to intelligent people and so called nerds, society now understands that intelligence often counts more than muscle power, especially in this day and age.

Suddenly, being smart is cool. People want to develop brainpower these days. This means not just being smart in the sense of having a wealth of raw knowledge, but being smart where it counts, with practical application.

Here are five tips you can use to increase brainpower and boost your minds capacity to absorb and process information faster:

1) Choose supplements wisely<br>
Yes, there are supplements that actually work. These may include memory-enhancement pills or medications that stave off mental fatigue for adults; there are also IQ enhancement milk supplements for children. A good number of these supplementary products on the market can actually give children a mental edge and help improve learning. Both children and adults need to follow a good, balanced diet and avoid vices that literally destroy brain cells such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs. This will help keep your mind sharp over time.

2) Try speed-reading<br>
This is a good way to bump up your learning curve. Speed-reading courses not only allow you to cover data faster, but they also train your mind to pick up visual details at a greater speed.

Another benefit you'll gain by learning to speed read is that you train your brain to pick up the important details of the written text. Contrary to claims of some self-help courses, however, you cannot acquire a photographic memory if you don't have one to begin with; however, speed-reading is the next best thing for those of who were not born with a photographic memory.

3) Test yourself often!<br>
Here is a good memory enhancement drill. A study conducted by several colleges separated students into two groups. One group was given 5 minutes to study a text, and was then immediately given three 5-minute tests. Another group was given four 5-minute periods to study the same text, but was not immediately given a test afterwards.

A week later, they were all given a test on the same subject. The group that studied only once but took three tests outperformed the group that had studied the text four times but had taken no tests. The results are clear: don't try to learn by just reading. Apply the knowledge you acquire and test yourself repeatedly.

4) Do drills on some basic math drills<br>
Drilling basic math drills by using flashcards may seem like something that belongs in grade school, but even adults can benefit from it. Face it; most of us are spoiled by having calculators to do our addition and subtraction. At its core, math embodies the purest form of logic. Letting your basic math skills deteriorate is similar to letting your logical and deductive reasoning take a downslide.

5) Take Abstract Logic Tests<br>
There are test books available in bookstores that give extensive tests on abstract logic. These tests present one with sets of 3 pictures; the test taker has to extrapolate from the first three pictures what the fourth logical concluding picture will be.

Buy a few of these books and try them out! Abstract logic may not be a direct help in concrete learning, but it actually improves your deductive reasoning capacity.

Try any of these activities and see how they boost your brainpower. Increase your minds capacity to absorb and process information faster.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

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Five Steps to Increase Your Memory

Improve Memory Games Online Free Trial  | Supplement to Improve Memory

Many people have trouble being able to remember figures, phone numbers, and people's names. As a person gets older the memory will naturally deteriorate. Many people view having a weak memory as having a problem.

There is good news; you can improve your memory. This is especially true if you are younger in age. The suggestions below are very good ideas and they can actually help you to strengthen your memory.

1. First, comprehend the information. This is your first look at the information given to you. Remain focused. Let your mind completely process the information. Open your mind and allow it to absorb all the facts and figures that it possible can.

2. Try to take the information and relate it to something that you are familiar with already. The ability to use this association technique is very helpful. Try to interconnect things that you can deeply relate to with the information that you need to remember. It does not have to be things that are even relevant to each other. You are just simply trying to give your brain the ability to recall information when you think of that "trigger".

3. Repeat the information in your mind. Now, it is time to begin using your memory. After taking in the information and relating each separate item to something, start trying to recall each of them in the correct order in your mind. Keep doing this until you get all the information correctly in the right order.

4. Take a break for a few minutes and attempt to recall the information again. Then clear your mind for three or four minutes and try recalling it one more time. Even if you are able to do this accurately keep doing this drill at least three more times. Give yourself another few minutes, and then try recalling again. If you are still able to recite the information after the third time, you can be assured that the information is now stored in your brain's long-term memory.

5. Repeat these steps over until you can remember the information on your own. If you are unsuccessful at recalling all the information given to you after the few minute break, go back and repeat step one. Keep repeating each step until you can completely and accurately remember every single piece of information given to you.

These are a few relatively quick and easy suggestions that will help you stimulate your mind and increase your memory. It is okay if you don't succeed the first few times. Just use these tips regularly whenever you need help to memorize important information.

Then, keep an eye on yourself. After a few attempts, you will see that you are now taking less time to remember the information given to you. You will be stunned at how quickly you can improve your memory's ability to recall information quickly and accurately.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

Simple Steps to Self-Improvement and Success in Your Life

It is easy to stay inside a shell, existing but not letting anything or anyone touch you in anyway. You can convince yourself that because of past events in your life that you are protecting yourself against further heartache, or you can use those experiences to strengthen as self improvement tools to gain success in your professional as well as personal life.

The movie called Patch Adams is the perfect example of a person who failed at the one thing he wanted to do most. After suffering from severe depression and hospitalization, his eyes were opened.

He realized that there were different types of psychiatric illnesses and that with the power of positive thinking, he could heal himself and others as well.

With a positive attitude he was able to help not only himself, but also the patients around him. Using these techniques also brought him the success he always wanted. He became an excellent doctor and changed the way the medical community treated its mentally ill patients.

In order to use self-improvement methods you have to sit down and take a good look at yourself. You need to understand, really understand that you are not a failure. Everyone has limitations, and being aware of that is strength, not a weakness.

The models and actors with perfect bodies that you see on television and movies are a result of strict exercise routines that often include starvation diets and hours upon hours at the gym. This is not what real life is all about. If you want to get in shape or improve your self, then sign up at a fitness center. Personal trainers are available to assist you with a routine that is right for you. Dont try to become a size one because you see it on TV. See the beauty within yourself even if you are a size ten, everyone else does.

No matter how you are how down you are feeling about yourself, if you find someone who is in the same situation, try and cheer them up. You will not believe how good you will feel about yourself when you help others.

When you make mistakes it is important that you do not feel like you are stupid or a failure. Everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others. What is important is that you take the experience as a learning experience.

If you feel that there are several areas in your life that need improvement, it is important that you take them one at a time. You have to be realistic, if you try to change too much at once, you are bound to fail and throw yourself back into depression.

In order for self-improvement techniques to work, you will need to be strong. Self-confidence and self-esteem are very important factors when you are trying to build a positive image.

You need to set goals for yourself. Be realistic; dont set your goals so high that they are not attainable.

The old adage little things mean a lot holds true in everyday life. Letting someone at work know that they did a good job on a project, or a simple hi with a smile on your face can do a lot for the morale of your co-workers.

Take the time to appreciate all the things around you. Stop and smell the flowers once in awhile, you will be surprised at how the sweet fragrance cheers you up.

In order to be respected, you need to respect others. The world is full of people with different likes and dislikes, and different tastes. When you respect someone elses rights, then it is more likely that you will be respected in return.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

Optimizing Your I.Q. and Maximizing the Brain's Potential

Achieve Genius Intelligence And An IQ Of Over 180+
Using Our Simple Never Before Seen 3 Step Guide!
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Everyone has heard of an IQ test. The potential of the brain is called intelligence quotient or I.Q. These tests use the theories of unitary and multiple, which is believed to the two main theories when studying the brain.

Unitary refers to the part of the brain where the linguistic and mathematical capacities and confined them to that area. While the multiply theory include the parts of the brain that use visual/ spatial, musical/rhythmic, body/kinesthetic, interpersonal or intrapersonal development.

It has been determined that there is only three ways to increase your brains potential.

You first have to determine what you are good at. Very few people are good at everything. A person is considered intelligent whether their skill is derived from music, visual, body, or intrapersonal, intelligence.

Most people possess these skills and probably do not even realize it. If you are a creative person at heart, try your hand at writing, acting or singing.

You may be amazed at how well you do. Some people are born with in affinity for numbers; you may not think it is anything special, however others may. There are so many different areas in which you the potential excel.

Gymnastics, Dancing, building or designing, you do not know what you are capable of doing until you try. You get the most amazing feeling when you accomplish something you have never done before. If you do not even try, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Very few people are classified as geniuses. A genius is a person who has extreme intelligence. Such people include Einstein, Mozart and Bach. These brilliant men accomplished greatness through their genius.
This is not to say that you have to be a genius to be successful. It simply means that you should use your brain to the fullest extent that you can. The more you try to improve yourself, the more your brain will benefit from it. When you utilize your brains potential you can achieve anything. Using your will power can point you in the right direction.

Broadening your horizons will also increase your brains potential. This is not to say that you should sit down and study the encyclopedia. When you study, you are acquiring knowledge through all five senses- touch, taste, see, smell, and taste.

You want to learn from your experiences in life, and experience everything in life. You cannot do that by studying. This is an excellent way to increase the potential of your brain.

New skills can be learned everyday. Talent comes in two forms, either you are born with it or you learn it. The brain is like a sponge, ready to absorb everything that is brought to it. The old adage that practice makes perfect holds true.

It is not difficult to maximize the brains potential. Many people everyday do it without even realizing it.

By simply reading a book, or singing along to your favorite song on the radio, you can increase your brains potential.

There are many IQ tests that one can take; however, many people question the accuracy of these tests.

Improve Memory Games Online Free Trial  | Supplement to Improve Memory

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

Achieve Genius Intelligence And An IQ Of Over 180+
Using Our Simple Never Before Seen 3 Step Guide!
Click here


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Focus and Concentration - A Must for Doctors

Sickness is something that can not be completely avoided. Everyone knows this to be the truth. At some point or another, everyone gets sick enough to need the help of a doctor.  Anyone who hasn't, may have a problem that has gone undetected.  So, there is just no truth to the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Being a doctor is very difficult because he/she has to always be organized and there is no margin for error. The reason for this is because of the life or death decisions that are the daily reality of being a doctor. Unlike casino gambling where casual risks are acceptable, a doctor can't gamble casually with a patient's life. It goes against everything he/she has been taught to practice in thought and deed. People in the medical profession are there because they have the desire and are trained competently to preserve life and not to casually waste it.

Needed Tools Prepared in Advance

Before a patient ever enters the operating room, the doctor will make sure all the instruments needed for the procedure are in their proper place and sterile. He/she won't have to actually do this job because there are nurses and scrub techs that set up all the items necessary.  The doctor still needs to make sure that all is in proper order, though before beginning the procedure..

Once surgery has started, it can't be stopped in the middle because the forceps or surgical sponges are either not on the tray or are in the wrong position and not easily accessible. Such an occurrence would waste time and result on more bleeding than is necessary. Since the life of the patient is in the doctor's hands, he/she must use time wisely to maximize the patient's good outcome.

The doctor must know exactly every instrument that will be needed during surgery so he/she can quickly see if any are missing or in the wrong position. Incompetence is not something that can be afforded in this situation.

Narrow Beam Focus

The doctor also needs to keep his/her focus on the immediate point of concern. If the patient is having a hot gall bladder removed, it is not the time to be examining the duodenum. That can wait until after the gall bladder has been remove and the area completely taken care of.

The surgery could become unnecessarily complicated if the surgeon's focus strays from the task at hand. He/she must stay focused on the gall bladder or it could rupture if its removal is delayed because of a lack of focus.

Once concentration is diverted to another area, such as the appendix, a rupture could occur, causing severe infection and even loss of life. So losing concentration and focus would be considered an inexcusable error.

During medical training, doctors learn to keep a narrow focus in surgical and non-surgical cures and treatments. For this reason, a well-trained doctor is one that can be trusted when you get sick and need medical help.

Even so, there are still time when doctors make errors. Some have managed to complete training even though they are incompetent.  These are doctors who should not be in the medical profession and really should look into a career change that would be a better fit. The medical profession is not the place for a casual attitude in focus and concentration.

The ability to focus and concentrate intensely is required of doctors.  No one can be successful as a doctor without these attributes. If you have aspirations of becoming a doctor, work on developing the ability to stay intensely focused and concentrated on the task in front of you. This is especially important is you dream of becoming a surgeon.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

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Clear Thinking and Decision Making Tips That Can Reduce Stress

Every day, we are faced with a multitude of decisions. Some are subconscious decisions (Looking left or right, or lifting your foot to climb the stairs) while others use your thought process to make the correct decision (Choosing a video or what to cook for dinner) Believe it or not, it takes your body's energy to make a decision.

There are times when we can be bombarded with decisions. Whether it is at work or in our personal lives the decisions that are made can have a great impact on the way we live. When you make what seems like a million decisions all at once, it can make you be very draining.

It is important that you are clear headed before you make any decisions. When you make decisions in haste or without thinking about the outcome or what the repercussion could be, you could be setting yourself up for more trouble.

Decide How You Decide

According to experts in the field of teaching executive through the decision making process, there are four different types of decision-making people.

A commander is classified as a person who is not patient. Being a commander can results in decisions that are made in haste and often foolish decisions.

Convincers are classified as people who act on their emotion. They decide on what feels good sort of like a gut instinct. They tend to be persuaded into making decisions; sometimes they are not in their best interests.

People who make decisions that are based on their concern for others feeling are classified as being carers, and as such, they tend to take a long time to make their decisions taking into consideration the feelings of all involved.

A person who needs to have all information, no matter how long it takes to collect is considered a calculator. This type of person usually takes an unusually amount of time to make their decision because the information that they request cannot be collected completely.

It is recommended that you make any of your decisions carefully. Take a step back and consider how others will view your decision and take the necessary steps to make the correct decisions.

There are several things that you need to take into consideration before making potentially life-changing decisions. There are rules that apply to all of the decision-making types.

Anyone can tell you that in order to make the correct decision you need to have as much information as possible. It is also important to ask as many questions as it takes for you to be comfortable in making that decision. When you think that you can make an informed take a moment to analyze the information and try to find anything that can be misconstrued or can backfire on you in the future.

Another problem that is common among decision makers is that they have an either-or-attitude. With this type of attitude, your options a limited. Usually, there is a vast array of answers to be found.

Another common problem is that we tend to make many decisions with an either-or attitude. This limits our options when, in reality, there are usually more answers facing us. It is important to use common sense when you make your decisions. You know right from wrong from the values that you have, use this when you make your decisions.

You waste a lot of energy when you try to work through the decision making process without having the right information. However, if you keep your mind on what is important you will find that it is much easier to make the important decisions.

Keeping notes, whether it is mental or on paper, will assist you in becoming more organized.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life at

Enhancing Brain Power Through Mind Puzzles For Career Success

IQ Memory Brain Games Online | Brain Games Software

In society today and the business world, the more you use your mind, the better your success will be. When you have outstanding mind and brain skills and IQ confidence usually follows. Employers hire and promote often the person who masters these characteristics better then a very competitive workforce today.

A great way to keep your brain in shape is mind puzzles and brainteasers. These fun mind games are found everywhere. They are in magazines and store check out counters, they are even in newspapers across the country. They not only give you a break from a stressful day, they actually stimulate your mind.

Playing a mind game such as a cryptogram, you are increasing your reasoning skills. When you figure out which letter should be replaced with another, you are strengthening a skill that you need in everyday life.

Another skill that is developed by playing mind puzzles is your powers of deduction. When you play a puzzle that is filled with bizarre twists, using the process of elimination will no doubt assist you in solving the puzzle.

When you use mind puzzles and brainteasers, you also increasing your ability to use powers of logic to solve an otherwise impossible puzzle. These games may seem like a pleasant diversion in an otherwise chaotic life, but in reality, they actually keep your mind stimulated into drawing a legitimate conclusion.

You can gain mental stability when you play mind puzzles for a certain amount of time each day. When you use different types of games, it is assured that you will acquire the correct mental skills.

Using mind puzzles such as crossword puzzles can increase your vocabulary over and over again. With a crossword puzzle, you are not only learning a new word, you are learning the definition and how to use it in a sentence.

Once you are experienced at playing mind puzzles and brainteasers, you can step it up a bit to make it more exciting. If you start timing your games, you can add a whole new level of excitement and test your limits even further.

When you play mind puzzles, you are increasing your ability to think fast. When you complete a mind puzzle a day, you will notice you have gained a sense of security and you will also see the difference in your problem solving skills in a relatively short amount of time.

Mind puzzles provide you with the tools to improve your skills in specific areas. Problem solving is the number one skill that many people do not use to its fullest potential. When you have honed your skills, many of the problems that seem insurmountable in the past will be a breeze to solve.

The skills that mind puzzles develop are the skills that employers are looking for to fill to level positions. When you have the skills, confidence usually follows and employers notice all of these qualities.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

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Tools To Help You Focus And Concentrate

On Your Goals And Objectives In Business And Employment

For some people, meeting objectives and goals can be difficult. If you are one of the millions of people who have trouble with focus and concentration, don't give up; by following simple guidelines; there is hope for you to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

The place in which you work has its own atmosphere. The office or cubicle in which you work should reflect your personality. It should be quiet, and you should have an adequate, clean workspace, however, if you are going to spend your time there, you should want to be there. When you have this type of environment, you are more likely to accomplish a lot more work.

It has been proven that music has ability to help you focus on the task at hand. The genre of the music is up to the person listening to it. Music can make the everyday distractions that cause you to loose focus, disappear. It is recommended however that you use earphones, as other people may not share the same taste in music.

There are a lot of ways to improve your focus and concentration. If you are unable to do it on your own, workshops and seminars are available in many cities and towns across the country. They are designed to assist you in developing your focus and concentration skills.

If at the end of a long day, you find that you do not have the time or energy to attend a workshop or seminar, you can visit your local bookstore to find thousands of books lining the shelves on the subject improving focus and concentration.

When you feel your focus is slipping, a good way to get it back is to take a bath instead of a shower before work. A shower is usually short, while you can lounge and soak in a bath. You will emerge feeling refreshed and you may find that the stress you had went down the drain with the bath water.

It is a proven fact that when you are hungry, you focus and concentration suffer. While dieting can help you loose weight, it can also decrease your concentration levels. It is important that you eat breakfast, healthy or not, it will assist you to focus better.

The power of positive thinking is very much underestimated in todays society. Self-affirmation can stimulate your brain and give you the boost that you need to focus better. It has been proven to work.

Saying positive phrases to yourself over and over again will unconsciously help you to convince yourself that it is true. There is no greater power than believing in yourself.

Believe it or not, breathing can actually help reduce the stress that you feel. When you are less stressed you are able to focus better. There are certain breathing exercises that you can learn to assist you in developing better focus and concentration.

It is important to have the right tools to improve your concentration. It is more important that you use them. Having the right attitude will also assist you in making sure that your focus and concentration is on track. This in turn will have favorable results with your boss. 

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

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How to Become an Effective and Engaging Public Speaker as Well as a Strong Communicator

You are an expert in your field and have great experience  working for XYZ companies and maybe your own business.

As guest speaker however, you now find that despite your expertise and the importance of your talk, your audience seems uninterested; even slightly confused.  Here lies the big difference between knowing a subject matter well and communicating it to others effectively.

These 10 helpful nuggets should help you get your message across.


Be aware of the general demographic of your audience.  The factors of age, educational attainment and economic background should dictate the level at which to design your talk.  Your doctorate gobbledygook won�t be helpful to the rural agricultural workers waiting to hear you.  In the same light, a graduate school audience may become bored with a simple linear presentation.   Younger audiences may need conceptual statements to be broken down into concrete examples they can relate to. 


�    As you begin your talk, spend some time introducing the subject matter and your personal involvement in it.  <br>

�    Use the introduction as an opportunity to define terms and spell-out any acronyms that may be specific to your field.<br>

�    Try to gauge topic awareness among members of your audience by asking for a show of hands on questions that begin with �How many of you have heard of�� or �How many of you have ever wondered about��.  This is also a good way of breaking the ice and engaging your listeners.

�    In some instances, an image can speak more clearly than words.  When appropriate, present photos to depict important aspects of your topic.  When dealing with abstract ideas or the relationship between processes, show them a diagram to physically represent the interactions involved. 

�    Allow a slight pause, for the audience to absorb a visual.  Once they�ve had a few seconds to take it in, you can continue speaking and they�ll be ready to listen to you again while mentally connecting the visual aid to your point.

�    Avoid wordy PowerPoint slides that mimic verbatim what you�re already saying in your speech.  Instead of enhancing the talk, the visual aid becomes redundant and tempts students to just read the slide instead of listen to you.


�    Outline the flow of your key points on note cards.  Small index cards are better than whole sheets of paper because it�s easier to keep track of where you are in the talk.

�    Use bullet points to highlight your ideas.  Don�t write out entire sentences on your notes that you might be tempted to memorize.  It�s easier to remember your outline and expound spontaneously if you memorize the ideas instead of the exact words.


Everyone loves a laugh, so it may be helpful to inject some humor into your speech.  Before doing so however, analyze the subject matter and check if it won�t be inappropriate. 

If you choose to employ humor, make sure to remain tactful.  Stay away from slanted jokes that may offend certain sub-sectors within your audience, such as gender, religion, race, politics and economic status.

Keep the comedy in check.  Well-timed snippets may help you establish rapport with your audience, or make monotonous stretches a bit lighter.  Too many laughs however may divert the audience�s focus from your key points. 


Looking at members of the audience in the eye keeps them involved in your talk.  Research has shown that information is more easily received when the listener has both visual and verbal contact with the speaker.  Make sure to distribute your attention to audience members in different parts of the room.


While the topic is all too familiar to you, it may be a new subject to your audience.  Speak slowly and clearly, at a pace that allows your audience to follow your meaning.  Make sure you speak loud enough to be heard by the person at the back of the room.  For emphasis, briefly pause before and after important ideas or say key points twice before elaborating.


Nothing beats knowing what you�re talking about inside and out.  Research your facts and make sure you have a good grasp of the issues involved.  Have a comprehensive understanding of your topic.  Where it applies, be aware of both sides to a polarized discussion about your subject.  Anticipate questions the audience might raise.

9.    ENCOURAGE  Q & A

To further nail down the message behind your speech, encourage questions and clarifications through an open forum after your talk.  Before you begin the forum, set a time limit or a predetermined number of questions you can accommodate.  You may want to discuss this beforehand with the organizers
to make sure that you can fit everything within the time allotted for you.


Before you end, summarize your most salient points and repeat the ideas you want your audience to take home with them.  You can outline a summary in the form of a hand-out to be given to the audience afterwards.  Don�t pass the hand-out into the audience before or during your talk t because you want them to listen to you first and not just be reading distractedly.

With these 10 pointers in mind, you�re on your way to becoming a much sought-after resource person, known both for your expertise in your field and your skill in communicating.   More importantly, you can be sure that your message is getting across to your public loud and clear.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

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Brain Enhancement Techniques For a Better You

Improve Memory Games Online Free Trial  | Supplement to Improve Memory

Many people are considered geniuses from birth. During their lifetime they greatly impact the world by revelations or creative ideas. You may not have been born a genius but you still have the same potential. This does not mean you have to be Beethoven or Einstein, you can still reach your potential. Your intelligent capacity just has to be maximized.

You can practice different skills that will expand your brainpower. Mastering these skills will help make you more efficient and expand your thinking and processing abilities.

What Are The Benefits of Brain Enhancement?

The first advantage is making problem solving easier. Your ability to comprehend and process information will speed up. The way you relate to others will improve as you become more confident.

Being able to enhance the thinking functioning of your brain is a good goal to set for yourself.

Ways to Improve Your Brain

Brain improvement can be done through a variety of skills. To help you succeed in your quest to effectively sharpen your mental skills consider the following ideas:

1. Keep Your Body In Shape

Having a health body helps the brain function at it's top potential. This is one of the most important things you can do to help your mind. The energy your brain needs comes from your body. Making your body weak through factors like stress, lack of sleep and bad eating habits, not only slow your body down but it also impedes the functions of your mind.

So it is important before you begin mental exercises that you get your body tuned up and running effectively.

Try to stay away from stress, eat healthy and get enough rest each night. This will help to maximize your potential.

2. Get Your Mind Working

Get your mind stimulate buy engaging in topics that interest you. Visualizing your new ideas helps engage your mind fully and will hold your attention longer. Try reading a new book or try a crossword puzzle.

3. Research Things You Are Interested In

Thought affirmations are very effective. You can make your self feel more intelligent by believing that you are more intelligent. Use positive reinforcement to help with this.

Taking positive action is even more helpful. You can begin by researching topics that interest you therefore expanding your horizons. So dive in and become more creative instead of just thinking that you are creative.

4. Try Writing about Things

Writing is a very good way to learn to increase your ability to remember things. You can also learn a great deal of new information. It makes your brain learn to clarify and bring ideas together in a coherent manner.

To give your brain a good boost you can try jotting down some notes, keeping a diary, writing daily journal entries, or try dabbling with some poetry. Not only will you become more analytical you will also become more creative.

5. Listen to Classic Music

According to Studies listening to the right type of music will allow your brain to process information better and become more receptive to that information. Listening to classical music composed by Mozart or Beethoven is highly recommended.

6. Aromatherapy can help

Using aromatherapy, as many people claim, makes your mind relax allowing it to be more receptive to facts and ideas. One herb that particularly helps the brain is rosemary. Studies show your brain function actually increases with this herb.

What's it All Mean?

To do these steps make sure you start with having the correct attitude. It may take some effort but the results from enhancing your brainpower will be worth it. You will definitely reap the rewards when you maximize your potential.

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Seven Easy Steps to Improve Your Concentration Powers

If you have the willpower you can easily learn the skill of mastering the power of concentration very quickly.

You've heard the saying," If there is a will, there is a way" the same holds true with concentration. Diane Sawyer is a very popular and well-known television news correspondent. When Diane was once asked about what has lead to her professional success, she had only one answer. That answer was being able to paying attention.

So the question still remains, "How do you learn to maintain your focus and enhance your concentration?"

The list below is helpful suggestions to improve your ability to concentrate in the most effective way possible. These tips apply whether you are at school, an important business meeting, at your office busy with work, or if you are just trying to finish a specific project.

1. Do five more

You are either one of two types of persons in this world. Either you know how to go through and eliminate frustration or you are the type that only wishes they are able to work through it.

So try to concentrate and focus in doing an additional five more things. This type of mantra is best used when you feel like giving up.

An example might be if you are reading or writing and you no longer want to continue to read or write, push yourself to do just five more pages. Complete five more math questions or if you are exercising add and extra five minutes on the treadmill. Remember that athletes build their own physical physiques by pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion, that also helps to develop mental stamina.

2. Take one step at a time

There may be times when you feel like you are a scatterbrain because your mind is filled with many ideas. Controlling your brain is the key.

Do not worrying about lots of matters, prioritize tasks and do only those that are needed.

For instance, you cannot help but think of your mounting bill problems and this causes you to quit focusing on your presentation that needs to be done in five minutes. Tell yourself that after the presentation you can then focus on ways to pay off your bills. This gives your mind closure and allows you to focus completely on the presentation.

3. Get tunnel vision

You can actually cup your hands around your eyes and this could serve as a mechanism to tell your mind to stay on task.

Case in point: you are in a room and you need to study but there are many distractions preventing you from concentrating. Cupping your hands around your eyes will help your brain to remember to focus and keep it on task.

4. Keep a notepad handy

That way when a thought pops up and distracts your focus, you can write down the thought immediately.

By writing it down you effectively get the thought out of your mind. Now you will focus on the job that you need to accomplish at the moment.

5. Take a break

You are not a machine. You may need to take a break to be able to effectively focus on the job that you have to do.

You can mange the job more effectively by using breaks to break your tasks it to smaller parts. Try taking a walk outside or go out for lunch.

6. Record your start and end time

When doing work, try to record the time you started and the time that you loss focus.

This helps you know how much time you actually spent doing work and when you began losing your concentration. Being aware of this leads to understanding.

7. Mix up your activities

It is wise to change the activities you do so that you keep your mind alert and not bored.

A bored mind is not completely on its game and will wander.

All in all, these activities and suggestions should be practiced regularly to help you to be able to focus and concentrate on the things that really matter most to you.


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 The Effects of Stress on the Brain

When the human body first experiences stress adrenaline takes over and causes a chain-reaction within the nervous system. The heart begins to beat faster, the sizes of the body�s blood vessels are changed, and the body actually prepares itself for a frightening or emotional event. Even though the humans that are in existence today aren�t in constant physical danger from wild predators as our pre-historic ancestors were, we still experience this familiar fight-or-flight reaction due to a great deal of different types of stressors.

There are two main types of stress experienced by humans, either chronic or that which is emergency-induced. The chronic type of stress can be particularly harmful to the brain because of hormones and chemicals referred to as glucocorticoids or GC�s. When the body experiences a rush of adrenaline which is accompanied by stress, a portion of our brain called the adrenal cortex begins to release these GC�s which are useful for dealing with the emergency-type of stressors.

Chemicals such as cortisol, hydrocortisone, and corticosterone act together to increase the production of glucose, constrict blood vessels and essentially help our brains deal with or regulate stress. The GC�s tell our brain either to calm down or to boost its levels of awareness and reaction in order to deal with the issue at hand. These glucocorticoids also affect memory functioning, especially in the hippocampus region of the brain.

While the GC�s may help us remember frightening or stressful events so that we are better able to deal with them in the future, they can also be harmful to the delicate neurons of the brain. Prolonged periods of stress or depression may actually lead to the damage or even the death of certain neurons, especially those within the memory center of the brain.

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It�s important to remember that different people react differently to stressors; one person may be able to move on from a trying event while another may suffer from serious psychological effects from a similar event or situation. Learning if your stress is chronic or acute is critical for counteracting the negative affects it has on the brain. Those people who are prone to anger, anxiety, depression, and who suffer from low self-esteem are far more likely to experience damage to the brain than their calmer, more relaxed peers.

Most every one of us experiences bouts of depression or periods of �the blues� at some point in our lives, but a person who is constantly angry or depressed may require medical or professional assistance. While it may be possible to recover from depression through various means such as drug therapy or counseling, the long-term affects on the brain are still largely unknown. Doctors have recently reported that as many as fifty percent of patients who experienced periods of major depression also possessed high levels of cortisol, which as we know can have negative effects on the brain and it�s cells.

A recent study conducted by The Washington University School of Medicine located in St. Louis, Missouri has shown conclusive evidence of damage to the brain�s neurons in people suffering from depression. Even those people who had been depressed years prior to the testing still showed signs of brain damage, as much as 12-15% cell atrophy in their hippocampus, resulting in the loss of an infinite number of memory cells.

Aerobic exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress and its negative effects on the brain. By engaging in some sort of physical activity the body is able to relax, relieve levels of tension and stress, and burn off nervous energy all at the same time. Endorphins, which are the �feel good� chemicals produced within the brain, are dramatically increased when we exercise which in turn makes both the body and the mind feel better. Not surprisingly, self-esteem can also even be lifted with regular exercise as well as an increased overall body image.

In his book �Saving Your Brain� Dr. Jeff Victoroff theorizes that the cultural evolution and fast-pace of today�s society has essentially overwhelmed the capabilities of the brain. However, by simply relaxing, slowing ourselves down and learning how to better deal with the common stressors of every day life we can literally save ourselves from brain damage.

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Tips for Laser Like Focus and Concentration

When you set goals for yourself, whether is in school or the workforce, it is important that you concentrate on the task at hand to obtain those objectives. For millions of people, it is not that easy.

It is difficult to obtain your objectives if you do not know what they are. It is necessary to
define what your goals are. This will assist you obtaining them. When you have clear and concise objectives, you will be able to focus and concentrate better.

When you take on too many tasks at one time, you are setting yourself up for failure. Overwhelming yourself with too many tasks will inhibit your ability to focus because you will stress about getting everything done on time. Doing one thing at a time will help you to concentrate better.

If the task that you have is a big one, breaking it down in segments will assist you in completing more competently. Focus on the segment that you are working on and not the whole project. Concentrating on the task in front of you will allow you to complete it correctly with very little stress, and more often than not, you can complete it before the deadline.

No matter who you are, expect the unexpected. There are no guarantees that you are going to have a error proof life. Obstacles always crop up and you need to be prepared to handle whatever is thrown at you in order to meet your goals. Distractions are all around us everyday, being able to shut them out and concentrate on your task will assist you in completing it quickly and efficiently.

Success and recognition is gained over time. Nothing worth having is easy. You need to be able to concentrate and do the very best that you can in everything that you do. It is important that you do not give in to stress, it will only slow you down and concentration will be difficult if not impossible. Sometimes taking a short break will help you to regain your focus and concentration. You may find that by doing this, your focus will improve.

To be a success, sacrifice is sometimes required. It is like an exchange. You will give up one thing to gain another. You just need to make sure that what you give up is worth what you are gaining. If you have a job that requires you to focus intensely on your task, you may want to remove the telephone from your desk, as each time it rings, your concentration is broken. When you remove the daily distractions you are doing something that can help you to focus on your job.

Putting things off is the number one cause of stress. When you put things off, they tend to creep up on you all at once and you find yourself with a multitude of tasks that need to be finished all at once. This not only causes stress that leads to loss of concentration, it also can cause you to become overwhelmed with work, and that can lead difficulties in focusing. When you do what you are supposed to do at the time you are supposed to do it, you will find that your concentration will be stronger.

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Students Improve Focus and Concentration - Studying For Exams

For many students, when exams are announced, a fear overcomes them. A sense of dread fills them and they panic. This is due in part because exams are a very stressful time for many students. The fear of getting a bad grade, or worse failing the exam forces the student to literally keep their nose in a book, studying hour after hour, for weeks on end.

Perhaps the worst part of knowing an exam is approaching. The pressure builds and it makes if difficult to concentrate on studying. To study successfully, and retain what you have read, requires extreme concentration. This is called productive studying. Believe it or not, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Many people find that the pressure of upcoming exams stunts their power of concentration. They are unable to focus on just one subject long enough to retain the information necessary to pass the exams. There are some steps that you can take to assist you in concentrating.

The first thing you should do is to find a quiet place to study. Do not sit in the living room with the television on, you will find yourself watching TV instead of studying. This is the number on distraction for teenagers. Another big distraction is trying to study with music on in the background. You need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by siblings or normal household activities. Those who say they can study better with music on do not realize that they are actually creating a distraction for themselves.

When you find a quiet place to study, make sure that you will be comfortable and the lighting is adequate. You do not want to strain your eyes trying to read, it will only give you a headache. You also do not want to study in the cellar or garage; these places usually are musty and can distract you from studying from a subconscious level. 

When you choose a place to study, it is not recommended that you study outdoors. On a beautiful spring day, you may find yourself taking a catnap instead of studying. Drinking a beverage that has caffeine in it may help you to stay awake. You are also chancing running into friends that may also distract you from studying. Choosing the perfect place to study is crucial to your concentration. It should be well lit and well ventilated, with nothing to stimulate your senses at all.

It is important that you study one subject at a time. You may also be hurting your chances of retaining what you have studied when it is time to take your exam you are risking failure. Studying multiple subjects at the same time will only aid in confusing you, and when you take your exam, you may get the subjects confused.

It is important that you develop good study habits in your early school years. As you go up in grades it will become more difficult because you will have more subjects to study. Concentration is the key to good study habits. These habits will follow you through your adult life. When you create good study habits, you are increasing power of concentration that is necessary in everyday life.

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Surefire Tips To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

For millions of people, public speaking is a fear that they cannot overcome. Some experts believe that it is because it is the fear of speaking to peers or people who the speaker perceives to know more about whatever subject they are speak about. This occurs even though to become a public speaker, one needs to be proficient in the subject.

Even the most seasoned public speaker will get butterflies in their stomach just before their appearance. No one is immune to this. It does not matter if you are speaking to a group of a thousand or a group of ten that little knot in your stomach is the fear that you will freeze at the podium or worse.

Studies have shown that the fear of public speaking is not an isolated event. One study showed that forty percent of people were so afraid to speak in public, that they could safely say that they would never consider a position where it was necessary.

There are many studies on this subject. One such study done was a study of fear. When the group in the study were asked question related to public speaking, seventy percent of them agreed that they would only speak in public in a panic situation.

In still another study, eighty percent of those asked responded that they would rather face eminent death before speaking in front of large crowds of people.

It takes a special kind of person to become a public speaker. It not only requires you to have knowledge on a specific subject, you also need to be strong and confident as well as skilled at the art of public speaking.

There are several things that you can do to perfect your public speaking skills if you choose to add this to your career. A good public speaker will create a lasting impression when they speak in front of a large crowd.

When you are a public speaker, you need to be confident enough to deliver a speech that is compelling and convincing whether the audience is large or small. A well-delivered speech does not only make the audience respond favorably, it also make the person delivering the speech feel like they are on top of the world.

Fear is a normal part of life. It is our defense mechanism that warns us upon impending danger. While in most cases of public speaking the danger does not apply, fear of looking foolish in front of great crowds is a normal reaction. Nobody is perfect, and a fear of making mistakes is what keeps millions of people from becoming public speakers.

No one who is a successful public speaker was born that way. Even the most seasoned speaker has had years of practice. There are many places where you can practice speaking; you can practice in front of a mirror, in your car on your way to work, or even in the shower. When you are ready to try your hand at speaking in front of people, use your family as the audience. Practice is the most powerful tool that can use to improve your public speaking skills.

In order to be a successful public speaker, you have to have confidence. This is something that is gained over time. When you practice, you are also building confidence. It is important that you overcome any fear of public speaking. If you give in to fear, it will take away any chance you have of becoming a public speaker. When you overcome your fear, you are effectively eliminating any limitations you may have.

Nobody in this world is perfect. The majority of people who have a fear of public speaking have that fear because they see flaws within themselves. They are afraid that they will fail; therefore they do not even try.

The power of the mind is an incredible thing. If you can convince yourself that you can succeed at public speaking, you are taking the necessary steps to improve your life. Having a positive attitude will only aid in your quest for a successful public speaking career.

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Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easily Done

If you truly want to achieve the goals you set for yourself, you have to have the right attitude. Often it is actually our own minds that can be our worst enemy, directing us to repeat the same old habits over and over again. If you have been experiencing difficulty making the changes you truly want to make, consider a visit to the doctor or psychiatrist to learn emotional intelligence and control.

You have to be able to manage your time if you want to create a career. People who fail often do so due to their inability to manage their schedule. A profession is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. You need to have a plan for how high you want to work towards going in your career.

You must have the right credential for the goal you are aiming for. If you need an education or special training for your chosen profession, then put plans in place and work out the steps you will take to obtain it.

Take into account what you want in the way of a family. You will need to calculate when you will want children and how many you would like so you can plan your career around that. Take some time to think about what your parenting style would be and how you would plan time for family members.

You need personal financial freedom to be happy that you have reached your goal. When you work out how much you will earn, you will also want to allocate some of that for savings. Then look at what your optimum earning would be and whether that is achievable in your chosen career.

If you are naturally talented at sport, your goal may be to strive to be part of a national league or club. You need to honestly assess your abilities and write a plan for training and other steps you need to take to achieve your dream. Even if you are disabled in some way you can still reach sport related goals in your desired field.

You need balance in your life, so don't only plan your future for your career. Make sure you allow time for exercise, fun, friends and relaxation as part of your future strategies.

The best way to work out your life long plans is to break it up into smaller parts. Try working out what you want for the next twenty-five years, then separate that plan into five and one year goals. When you have it down to years, you can look at monthly, weekly and daily.

From there you can make up to do lists for each day.

You should continuously update your goals and targets to be in line with your current situations. Once you are used to setting goals, it will become much easier for you.

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Discover These Successful Methods Of Faster Learning

Life is an extensive voyage of discovery. In order to make your lifetime a meaningful one, you must have wisdom and understanding.

This is why learning is a vital means by which people can advance themselves. It is this knowledge that will help you to become a better person.

Learning is not just for students. It is vital for self-improvement. Everyone must gain the ability to deal with the realities of day-to-day life. There is always the potential for development. For example:

You might be on a holiday in a foreign country and you have to know a few phrases in the native language to be able to get around.

You may be promoted to a new post in your current place of work and need to acquire new skills.

You might have children who need your help with their homework.

All of these scenarios could occur in your life and all of them need a certain level of knowledge and the ability to learn new skills. Accelerated learning can be extremely useful in helping you to cope with your changing responsibilities.

What is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated learning is an approach that is supported by research carried out by specialists by experts into the human mind and the best methods that can be used to obtain knowledge in the shortest space of time.

To achieve the best results requires exercising the emotional and analytical sections of the brain. It is a form of mental Olympics. Doing these exercises also benefits the subconscious and conscious parts of our minds.

It is not possible to provide an in depth account here of how accelerated learning actually works without delving into highly technical theories. The most important point is useful method to use and is worth learning.

How do you Perform Accelerated Learning?

Bearing in mind the enormity and significance of education in this modern time, you will certainly want to study accelerated learning to develop your persona and individuality.

Here are some of the successful methods for you to use:

1. Be Receptive to Learning
Some people believe that they do not have the right background for education. If you have a functioning brain then you have the capacity to learn.

Constantly remind yourself that you are open to new information. This outlook will make you receptive to the bits and pieces that you need to read or hear.

Do not be afraid of your current lack of knowledge. These are just new items for you to find out. Take pleasure in the experience. There is no need to be frightened.

2. Training for your Education

Most people need a particular environment before they can be open to learning. Some require peace and quiet and want to be alone. Others would like to be in a group and have academic stimulus or prefer music and loud noise.

You have to to discover your own ideal atmosphere that best encourages your body and mind for learning in order to make the most of your time and hard work. This might take a bit of trial and error, but once you find that convivial setting, you can't go wrong.

3. Listen Passively and Actively

You can also discover the various methods of learning on offer today. There are active ways of learning, such as attending seminars and lectures. You can also make the most of your spare time by learning from your environment.

Sometimes, even if you are not paying attention, listening passively can have an effect on your mind. You can listen to news as you do your everyday jobs. There are people who listen to recordings when they are asleep to learn a new language. Even if you are not paying attention to it, your mind can absorb some of the pieces that may be useful later.

You can also try to actively scrutinize and listen to your environment. This may require a concerted effort, particularly when you are short of time.

4. Use the Power of Music

Music can have astonishing effects on your body and mind. Pick the songs that boost your mood and speed up your learning.

Many think that classical Baroque music is extremely useful in enhancing the emotional growth of the brain. It can even improve the health of the heart. You may want to give it a go.


Become an improved you by concentrating on accelerated learning. Use these valuable steps and you will unquestionably love the outcome.

Leon Edward helps others Improve  IQ, Memory, Focus, Concentration, Creativity, Public Speaking,  Reading Speed, Time Management and Even Stress Management. Learn to Superboost your brain power, optimize your iq and improve life with his IQ Mind Brain Success Library at

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