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Radiant thinking can complement mind mapping by enhancing the thought processes that result from non-linear thinking. It is a process that can help you to maximize the untapped potential of your mind.

Radiant thinking works by acknowledging the fact that no one’s mind works without connecting associations together. It is not natural for the mind to work in any other way, yet many people believe that the mind works in a straight line way of thinking. Our mind is made up of a huge network of associated thoughts, and we can take advantage of the hierarchy of those thoughts by using the concepts of radiant thinking..

How many neurons do you think you have in your brain? Too many to count, really. The way you take advantage of those neurons can make a vast difference in your life. Radiant thinking shows us how the average life is spent in a way that is counter-productive to the intended purpose of life. We are not here to live in negativity, yet that is exactly what most people are doing. Those who aspire to banish the negativity from their lives can count on an existence that is entirely positive.

What if our entire world population decided to ban negativity? This is what radiant thinking is all about. A world that existed in a state of positivity and was able to ignore the negativity of life would be a world of peace and happiness, no matter what the circumstances.

Your Beliefs Have Power

Those who subscribe to the idea of radiant thinking believe that they can have the things they want from life if they believe in them. In a radiant thinking world, nothing is impossible, and no belief system is really wrong. Beliefs have the ability to either hinder a person or engulf them with power.

What you believe has power, more power than you ever dreamed. Your beliefs zero right in on your nervous system. Earlier in this book, we spoke of the placebo effect, and how people who believe they have been given medication that is going to help them get well will actually recover from whatever was wrong with them even if the medication given to them consisted of nothing more than sugar. This is a belief system at its finest. They believed something was so, and things turned out so that they were absolutely correct in their belief.

A person’s belief system has the ability to define just how much of that individual’s potential can actually be harnessed from the mind and put to use by the body. The forces within a person can go to work with positive affirmations uttered by this person in order to change their life for the better.

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