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Ways to Improve your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

(IQ) is a psychological concept created from scores of intelligence tests to indicate the intelligence level of an individual. Psychologists utilize these scores to standardize their assessment of the mental capacity of individuals. The most common IQ test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), where a score of 100 denotes an average score. Intelligence quotient scores range between 70 and 130 for normal individuals. Those who score above 130 are smarter than the average individual and those who score less than 70 are not as smart as the average individual. However, IQ tests are relative and need to be customized for the culture and the ethnicity of individuals. The motivation of individuals is also another factor that affects IQ scores. Certified psychologists conduct the real IQ tests, while those online have not been validated.

assess the fluid intelligence of an individual i.e., the part of the brain that reasons, uses logic, and attempts to solve novel and complex problems. Crystallized intelligence, on the other hand, is the aspect of the brain that memorizes and retains knowledge based on a set routine or pattern. Thus, repetitive tasks get easier with time due to the memory of that task. An article by the NY times gives an assessment of the IQ score as follows:

A score > 116 indicates individuals with high intelligence and accounts for 17% of the population, where the individuals are involved in professional jobs.


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