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Visualization – The Key To Your Ascent In Business and Your Career

By Leon Edward

A look at a Success Template for your business or career success and how to achieve it by daily programming your subconscious , visualization to drive you through writing goals and visualization.

“You are the harbinger of your own success” is a mantra that’s used by successful people in all walks of life. Every success story you’ve ever read follows the format of a person who described their dream, their visualization tried to work out what was needed to achieve it, and then set out to do it, by dint of hard work and tenacity. A case in point is the actress Eva Langoria. Langoria didn’t take the crown in her first beauty pageant. She set her goal and visualization on winning Miss Corpus Christi by watching videos over and over again, and visualizing in her mind what it would be like to win the title, and immersing herself in her dreams. She visualized herself into success, and through tenacity, focus and the will to succeed, she did.

What Eva Langoria did for her career, you can do for yours. The keys are exactly the same – visualize your success in the present tense, and itemize the things you need to accomplish to achieve your goals. You have to want your goal so strongly that you can taste it, feel it. You have to be willing to do what it takes to get there. Live your goal, and breathe it, and let no-one tell you it’s worthless or that you should set it aside.

Now, wanting it is part of the process, but want alone does not bring success. Be realistic about your goal; don’t listen to naysayers, but do take the time to build up a realistic plan of action and set of mileposts to measure your intermediate success along the way. Wanting without planning, and wanting in the future tense, rather than visualizing in the present tense, will only lead to bitterness and unhappiness.

To avoid this, build on positive images of your success. Build a vision board, or collage, a visualization of the images and ideals associated with achieving your goal, and study it every morning when you wake up. You’ll find that your subconscious mind will make connections between elements on your vision board that surprise you, and that you’ll find yourself inspired as you work through your goals and that they’ll come into place.

Every morning, make a list of the days goals, writing it out by hand. Writing it down impresses it upon your mind; then visualize completing each days goal in turn, in the present tense, and keep yourself focused on it as you go through your routine for the day. As setbacks arise, as they always do, focus in on your goal again with visualizaton. Make sure you’re aware of your progress working towards your goal; novelists try to do three pages per day, every day, so that by the end of a year, they’ve done two novels in their spare time. Be flexible in meeting your goals; life throws you complications, and sometimes, alternate routings to success that weren’t obvious when you set out on them.

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