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Using Muscle And Mind Coordination To Improve Minds

This muscle test and exercise is based on the principle that when a person is under stress, their muscles become weaker which is a subtle response but often enough to detect differences. When the person is in a state of stress, the muscle will not hold, but if they are in a positive state, the muscle will remain firm. In this way you can ask a person a question, and get an answer from their subconscious mind, because if there is a problem, the subconscious mind will reveal it even if a person is not consciously aware of a conflict. Brain Gym is a branch of kinesiology, which uses the muscle test to communicate with the subconscious mind.

Using the muscle test, a Brain Gym practitioner will take a snapshot of the brain profile of a person, that is, they will determine which brain hemisphere is dominant in a person, and also which eye, ear, hand and leg is dominant.

Take for example, a problem with reading in school by a child. The ideal situation for a person is to have right-eye dominance when they are reading, because they are using their left brain, which contains the language center, and because there is a direct connection between the right eye and the left hemisphere. Brain Gym uses seemingly simple exercises to help the brain to establish a more efficient connection between these various elements. And the child’s reading proficiency will be improved.

While the full use of the method requires the assistance of a Brain Gym practitioner, I will give you  simple example exercises that can encourage your brain to be more integrated:

The first one is called the cross crawl. While standing, lift up your left leg and touch it with your right hand. Put it back down, and then lift up your right leg and touch it with your left hand, and then start over again. After several minutes of this repeated,  you are sending messages from your arms and legs to your brain. The constant crossing from one side to the other trains your brain to work harmoniously and use both sides.

Another exercise that has the same objective is the infinity sign or an eight sitting on its side. To trace this movement with your eyes, first look straight ahead, and then make a circle by looking upwards towards the left and then around and down back towards the center. Without stopping, make another circle by looking upwards towards the right, and then down and around towards the center again. Once again, this activates both sides of the brain and helps it to work in harmony. You’re strengthening the connections between the two sides.

You can do the same movement with your hands. Put your hands together in front of you, then move them in the same way, up left and around, and then up right and around. try to make as large a circle as you can, and work on making your movement fluid, with both sides of equal dimensions. If one side is bigger or more harmonious or easier for you than the other, then this may indicate that you are more comfortable with the brain hemisphere on the other side. This movement can be done with both hands together, and then with each hand individually. You can also do it in writing on a piece of paper or on a blackboard.

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