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Techniques to Overcome Forgetfulness or Absentmindedness:

Write down your detailed list of “things to do.” Group or arrange your tasks into categories (and subcategories if applicable). Cross off activities that you have done and add new tasks along the way. If possible, stick your notes in objects that are familiar to you (television, refrigerator, entrance door, etc.)

  1. Use your imagination and humor. Let’s say you have an appointment with a potential client, Mr. Anderson, this coming Friday. If you love to watch TV every night, imagine  Mr. Anderson acting like a clown on TV. You may even see him coming right out of the boob tube and saying, “See you on Friday!” To remember Friday better, you can visualize Mr. Anderson on your TV screen dressed as a chef and “frying” (Friday) some delicious foods. Come up with funny  images that will help you remember your schedule. The funnier and more exaggerated, the better.
  2. Associate a task with a routine activity or with something that you regularly do. Let’s say you always forget to bring your cell phone every time you go to work. See to it that before you brush your teeth or take a shower, you put your cell phone inside your bag. Just make a task that you often forget a part of your daily routine.
  3. Create a visual hint. Let’s say you invited your boss to dinner at your house on Tuesday night, and you must buy some potatoes for the dessert you’ll be cooking. With your very busy schedule, you can easily forget to buy it. To aid you in remembering, you may put a pack of potato chips or a toy potato at the top of your TV or in the middle of your dining table to remind you of the task that needs to be done.
  4. Focus and say your task out loud. Have you ever experienced coming up to your friend because you want to ask something? Next thing you know, you completely forgot the things you’re going to inquire him. Well, don’t panic. Many people have been in your situation and you’re not alone. With today’s hectic lifestyle, even those with good memory can forget what they’re thinking about in a split second. The solution here is to focus on one task at a time, and repeatedly say out loud what you’re going to do: “I’m going to ask John about the rules in joining his contest.” If in case you still forget about what you’re going to do, try going back to your place of origin where you said the task out loud. Oftentimes, that specific place would help you to recall your task by associating that location with what you have said.
  5. Don’t procrastinate. If you have a certain activity that needs to be done, get it over with as early as you can. When you need to pay your bills, do it now before it becomes overdue and before it starts charging interest. If you really can’t attend to it now, then use your imagination,  visual reminders, or other helpful tools to remember it.

Get a companion. Some people living in solidarity can become absentminded and can suffer memory loss. That’s because they don’t have anyone to talk to, so their mental capacity is limited and not utilized well.  Having a smart companion to discuss various topics with, and to share your knowledge and experiences with, can sharpen you memory. They can even act as your back-up. Just tell them to remember something and you’ll have another memory working on your behalf. Just be nice to your buddy. J

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