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My Nephew and his Brain, Part 3 – Try to Work Out their Troubles

Continued from Part 2. After we had been transferred to the large university hospital, the doctors decided to delve more deeply into the specifics of my nephew’s brain malformation. The MRIs had told us some things, but not everything, so they scheduled him for a Positron Emission Tomograph, commonly known as a PET-scan. A PET-scan […]

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How LSD Changes The Way Our Brains Work

In 1938, Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann synthesized a derivative of alkaloid ergotamine, a natural compound found in a parasitic fungus called ergot. He had no way of knowing that as little as 20 micrograms of this substance would cause a psychedelic effect! Back in the first half of the 20th century, there were not many […]

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Does Your Brain Work Differently Depending on the Seasons?

The brain is the body’s the most mysterious organ. It functions in ways that experts are still trying to figure out. As much as we know about this organ, there are still various things left to discover and learn. For instance, did you know that the brain functions differently in winter than it does in […]

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Challenging work tasks may have an upside for the brain

Professionals whose jobs require more speaking, developing strategies, conflict resolution and managerial tasks may experience better protection against memory and thinking decline in old age than their co-workers, according to a new study.

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Increase Brain Power – How to work out your brain and get smarter

Learn how to Increase your Brain Power with this simple exercise video http://www.learningrx.com/increase-brain-power.htm Workout your brain! Watch this free… “Increase Brain Power – Is it Possible? Is it possible to increase brain power? If I expand my brain function, will I also enhance my productivity at work or in the classroom? Yes! If you expand […]

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Does Hypnosis Work? Online Hypnosis Sites

Many people find that they are interested in hypnosis. They wonder if it can really work or not. Finding answers to your questions regarding hypnosis online is not difficult if you know where to look. It may be of great benefit to you to investigate all of your options when it comes to hypnosis online. […]

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