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Hidden Brain Podcast Review – Harnessing the Power of Our Brain’s Unconscious Mind

A brand new NPR podcast, Hidden Brain, reveals the unseen patterns in our lives, where our unconscious mind plays a phenomenal role in our day to day behavior. The magic of this podcast is that simply learning about the hidden forces that shape our perceptions, behaviors and thoughts can provide the insight needed to change […]

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How To Influence Your Subconscious Mind Power

Whatever your dominating thoughts that you allow to be everpresent in your conscious mind will reach and influence your subconscious mind. In a recent email you were warned that whether these thoughts are negative or positive is immaterial. So absolutely do not dwell on problems or issues in the past. Your subconscious will recognize these […]

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Law of Attraction , Subconscious Mind Power and Manifesting Your Desires

Control your life, start with controlling your thoughts and your mind and absolutely manifest your wildest desires. There is a catch. We may even be attracting into our lives the things we don’t want. Learn the mistakes that you can avoid and exact techniques to attain your desires in record speed. The irresistable, natural law […]

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