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Communicating with ALS One Blink at a Time

In their new book One Blink at a Time, Ismail and Cheryl Tsieprati share how they teamed up and overcame each and every challenge ALS placed before them. Ismail has lived with ALS for more than thirty years. His wife, Cheryl, has been challenged over the years to build, train and maintain a reliable and […]

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How Does The Brain Organize Memories Across Time?

Research on the organization of our memory has long been a topic of fascination among neuroscientists given that this could lead to treatments for reversing cognitive impairments. Here, we review some recent findings on how memory is organized which show the importance of a coordinated “wave” of neuronal activity in spatial navigation, and the temporal […]

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How the brain keeps time

Keeping track of time is critical for many tasks, such as playing the piano, swinging a tennis racket, or holding a conversation. Neuroscientists at MIT and Columbia University have now figured out how neurons in one part of the brain measure time intervals and accurately reproduce them. The researchers found the lateral intraparietal cortex (LIP), […]

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Method For Using Mind Mapping to Estimate Project Time

Whether you are a student tasked with allocating time for a research paper, or an employee who has been delegated the job of estimating the schedule for a project, you can definitely benefit from the mind mapping technique when trying to estimate project time. How? Well, what is common between the two scenarios is that […]

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