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Control How You Think, Feel, Drastically Improve Concentration, Control Stress With Mindfulness Techniques

Learning to control how you think and feel has many positive effects towards an increased ability to concentrate and focus on yourself instead of the negativity of others. By practicing mindfulness techniques daily, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling less stressful and more positive about each … Read Full Article here Download Relaxing Solutions MP3 for […]

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Why Is It So Hard To Think About The Brain?

This is the abstract for one of the two talks that I gave last week in Búzios, Brazil for the SBNeC conference: “Why Is It So Hard To Think About The Brain?” The talk didn’t end up following this plan exactly, but all of the ideas are here. I had an incredible time at SBNeC […]

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Intuition and How You Can Develop Intuition

Receive a free 25 minute meditation audio and get the free 5 day intensive e-course on optimizing your brain with genius tips eBook and success in life special report at the authors IQ Mind Brain library website, click here I have lost my wallet. I purchased a conversion van, I looked all over it. Sometimes […]

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