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My Nephew and his Brain, Part 4 – Their Life Today

Continued from Part 3. After the surgery we were hopeful, that with a few limitations on his left side, my nephew would have a fairly normal life. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The faulty electrical impulses that had caused his seizures had migrated to the left lobe and a few days after surgery the […]

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My Nephew and his Brain, Part 3 – Try to Work Out their Troubles

Continued from Part 2. After we had been transferred to the large university hospital, the doctors decided to delve more deeply into the specifics of my nephew’s brain malformation. The MRIs had told us some things, but not everything, so they scheduled him for a Positron Emission Tomograph, commonly known as a PET-scan. A PET-scan […]

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Patients Creating Meaningful Solutions for their Own Disease

We live in a time of transformation in the way scientific breakthroughs are created. Or more correctly, we all feel like it is time we will be living in times in which there is a transformation in the way scientific breakthroughs are created. People are more informed then ever and the free flow of information […]

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What every Brain Owner should know about their Memory

Our brain is not so different from a computer after all. Here’s a closer look at the similarities between our memory and that of a computer. An overview of the computer process Memory-Computer-Analogy     1. The computer receives its input from keyboard, mouse or stylus, microphone or camera. 2. Next these inputs are processed […]

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