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Bringing “the greatest show in the universe” to the people

The promise of compelling science communications was on full display at MIT Oct. 9-13, as the Institute welcomed some 800 science writers, editors, and producers to ScienceWriters2015, the largest annual meeting of professional science communicators in the United States. The meeting, a collaboration between the Knight Science Journalism (KSJ) program at MIT, the National Association […]

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Public Speaking Basics and Surefire Tips

Knowing the basics and proven tips as outlined will propel you in the public speaking realm The following are just some to be noted: Deciding on the format to be adopted based on its suitability for any specific public speaking task will allow the parties to decide on the most effective presentation style that would […]

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The Effects of Stress on the Brain

When the human body first experiences stress adrenaline takes over and causes a chain-reaction within the nervous system. The heart begins to beat faster, the sizes of the bodys blood vessels are changed, and the body actually prepares itself for a frightening or emotional event. Even though the humans that are in existence today arent […]

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