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Can Technology Change How Our Brain Works?

Smartphones and other electronic devices have changed the way we communicate and the way we interact with the world. But to what extent can technology change us? Most importantly, can it change our brain? When neurons communicate with each other they generate brain waves. These are the result of the synchronized rhythmic activity of thousands […]

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Brain-Machine Interfaces – New Technology in the Making

Until recently, the idea of controlling our environment using our thoughts belonged to science fiction books and movies. But with the development of neuroscience in the last 30 years, this dream is becoming a reality. Nowadays, we are able to use the brain’s electrical activity to make changes and control our surrounding environment through the […]

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Human Memory Manipulation Technology for PTSD – A Step Too Far?

National Geographic Channel will shortly air &8220;Breakthrough: Decoding the Brain&8220;. As part of a virtual roundtable, Brain Blogger was selected to screen the episode and address the thought provoking question raised therein: What if scientists were able to implant or erase memories for someone like those suffering from PTSD, this could be life changing, or […]

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