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Can The Immune System Trigger Alzheimer’s Disease?

The amyloid hypothesis has been central to Alzheimer’s research for the last decades. It postulates that Alzheimer’s disease derives from the accumulation of the amyloid-beta peptide (A-beta), leading to the deposition of neurofibrillary tangles, made up from the microtubule-associated protein tau. But Alzheimer’s disease is also characterized by an inflammatory response, primarily driven by the […]

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How can you Improve your Memory?

The memory is very precious to us as it is a window to the events that have taken place in our lives and even people with very high intelligence look for ways to improve your memory. It can be frustrating though when you remember something that occurred 20 years ago but not what you need […]

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The Brain and Its Functions – an Introduction

“The brain is a monstrous, beautiful mess. Its billions of nerve cells-called neurons-lie in a tangled web that displays cognitive powers far exceeding any of the silicon machines we have built to mimic it.” – William F. Allman Your brain is the anterior or front part of your central nervous system, and is the primary […]

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