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Control How You Think, Feel, Drastically Improve Concentration, Control Stress With Mindfulness Techniques

Learning to control how you think and feel has many positive effects towards an increased ability to concentrate and focus on yourself instead of the negativity of others. By practicing mindfulness techniques daily, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling less stressful and more positive about each … Read Full Article here Download Relaxing Solutions MP3 for […]

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The Effects of Stress on the Brain

When the human body first experiences stress adrenaline takes over and causes a chain-reaction within the nervous system. The heart begins to beat faster, the sizes of the bodys blood vessels are changed, and the body actually prepares itself for a frightening or emotional event. Even though the humans that are in existence today arent […]

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What Is Stress and Effects On Your Brain

Stress and Your Brain At the first signs of stress, the adrenaline kicks in, setting off a burst of activity in your nervous system. This is turn, speeds up your heart and changes the size of the blood vessels. Besides getting you ready for fight or flight, it also helps you to remember those frightening […]

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