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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder – A Personal Story

Being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder was a real blow. I felt alone. I felt helpless. I felt my life had ended. I can’t tell you how many times I sat in a bathtub staring at the vein in my arm, wondering how much it would hurt to cut through the skin, or how frightened I’d […]

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hormones, brain and behaviour, a not-so-simple story

There’s a simple story about sex differences in cognition, which traces these back to sex differences in early brain development, which are in turn due to hormone differences. Diagrammatically, it looks something like this: Cordelia Fine’s “Delusions of Gender” (2010) accuses both scientists and popularisers of science with being too ready to believe overly simple, […]

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How To Make An Enthralling Short Story

A short story is nothing more than a simple tale portraying the protagonist or title character in a small but captivating narrative that easily reaches its climax without going extending the details but keeping everything short and stick strictly to the main plot. In short stories, the author …

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