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The Meta-Learning Series: Is This Your Style? (Part 1)

#2: Learn-to-Learn (Part 1 – Active and Reflective Learning Techniques) After figuring out your learning-style last week, it’s time to learn the different techniques that work best for you. *Note – Techniques used by each style can work and be useful to the other styles. Just because one … A breakthrough brain fitness training program […]

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The Meta-Learning Series: Do you know your Learning-Style?

#1: Figure-Out your learning style. If no free class exists, it’s time to build your own. But before you do, you have to know what your learning-style is. Because if you don’t, you could be finding learning tools that are useless to you because you don’t learn in that particular way. …

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Boost Your Brain Power! (The Smart IS Sexy Series)

Become a mental giant! It’s simple – with these tips to help boost your brain power! Raise Your IQ every day with News Health Guru: http://news.healthguru.com.

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