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Memory Process: How Do We Encode Our Memories?

So far we have looked at the different types of memory. Let us now look at the Memory Process and explore how sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory work together to create our memories. Have you ever moved house or transferred your possessions to storage? What does it involve? The memory process (also called […]

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Memory Process: How Do We Store and Retrieve Our Memories?

The Memory Process consists of encoding, storage and retrieval. (See the previous post on encoding.) In this post, we look at the storage and retrieval process. photo credit: peasap Storage involves the process of storing and consolidating memories. The following factors lead to  better storage and consolidation of memory. Repetition. In the post on neural […]

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Creative Thinking Process

When it comes to creative thinking and spontaneity most of us think that they come naturally. However, this is not totally true! In fact with a highly organized creative thinking techniques and proper approach we can train ourselves to boost our creative thinking. For instance, if you watch …

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