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5 Steps to Solve Your Problems in Sleep!!

Dear Readers, Well I am a voracious reader of books that teach you how to use your brain more effectively. And I am a big fan of sharing what I learn by reading these books. But always I try to share my own interpretation of it, instead of just copy pasting things from a book. […]

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Know How To Overcome Financial Problems

“Money is the secret to all the keys,” says a popular quote. It won’t be exaggeration if said that a sound financial status is the key to a happy life. It is a known fact that a sound financial status can handle majority of the so called life problems. Though many say that money cannot […]

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Extra sleep fixes memory problems in flies with Alzheimer's-like condition

Many studies have linked more sleep to better memory, but new research in fruit flies demonstrates that extra sleep helps the brain overcome catastrophic neurological defects that otherwise would block memory formation, report scientists.

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