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Can We Predict Which People Will Be Better At Learning Foreign Languages?

One common gripe we probably have when we observe that friend who can speak effortlessly in a dozen different tongues may be something along the lines of: “Why is he or she so good at learning languages – it’s not fair!” Well, now it appears that perhaps there is indeed some hidden advantage this friend […]

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Bringing “the greatest show in the universe” to the people

The promise of compelling science communications was on full display at MIT Oct. 9-13, as the Institute welcomed some 800 science writers, editors, and producers to ScienceWriters2015, the largest annual meeting of professional science communicators in the United States. The meeting, a collaboration between the Knight Science Journalism (KSJ) program at MIT, the National Association […]

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Internet marketing – Why do people refuse to listen to the truth?

If there’s one thing that pushes my buttons more than just about anything it’s the people who absolutely refuse to listen to what the truth is about Internet marketing and making money on the Internet. No matter how many times they hear the truth, read it or watch it on a video, for some reason […]

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Brain Exercises can help Reduce the Risk of Mental Illness

Brain Exercises / Brain Games >> There are many different types of mental illness in the world, and they affect people differently. This is why it is often so hard to pinpoint what they situation is and then to find the right course of treatment for it. The goal with such treatment is to help […]

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