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Higher Education as an Adult for help Exercising Brain

These days it isn’t unusual for may adults to return to school in order to further their education but exercising brain is an added benefit. Perhaps they didn’t get to do so when they were younger due to finances or that they didn’t have the desire to do it. Continuing education can help ensure a […]

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Brain Activities Start with Benefits of Walking

Brain Activities – Exercise>> Walking is a way to get the daily exercise you need and it is also great for your brain activities. Research shows that people who walk are doing a huge service for their brains. As a person walks the blood circulates faster. At the same time more glucose and oxygen are […]

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Brain Health – By Experiencing New Things in your Life Improve Your Brain Health

Brain Health >> Most people feel very comfortable with their daily routine. They know what will be taking place for the most part because it is so similar day after day. While it can feel comfortable to live like that your brain may be on auto pilot for much of it. If you want to […]

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Memory and Your Senses Role

  Did you know that the impressions received from your five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell have a significant role in the retention of information in your mind? These are called Memory of Sense Impressions. However, when you come down to a systematic analysis of sense impressions retained in the memory, you’ll […]

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Mind Mapping for Children

There is a growing movement nowadays among educators who are familiar with the benefits of mind mapping, to try to apply it to educating children. Is this advisable? Michael Tipper is a speed-reading instructor who also teaches mind mapping to children. He says that the approach of the teacher should be based on the age […]

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Lose Focus ? Poor Concentration ? Aging Brain? Brain Fatigue ? Brain Fitness Exercise Solves Problem

You may have already heard about how important it is to exercise your brain event with games, puzzles, crosswords, fitness training. There are many benefits that you should be aware of. Once you learn all the facts you will very likely be motivated to participate in activities that exercise your brain. The first thing you […]

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