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Mindmapping Most people are quite familiar with road maps, especially if they do any sort of traveling that entails driving in unfamiliar territory. These maps help them to know which direction to take in order to end up at a certain location. You could consider a road map as a sort of instruction manual for […]

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Mind Map Tips And Ideas

How Does One Use a Mind Map? TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS Buzan’s Mind Maps have seven key features, namely, Organization, keywords, Association, Clustering, Visual Memory, Outstandingness, and Conscious Involvement. Here are some guidelines to creating your own personal Mind Map. First, draw an image of your central key idea in the middle of a blank piece […]

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Brainstorming and Group Mind Mapping or Solving Problems

Mind mapping is great for brainstorming during meetings. Though each person can create a unique mind map, it is possible for groups to mind map together. In group mind mapping, each person is allowed to post sub-ideas to the key ideas of the group – no one is vetoed. In the end, this allows more […]

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The Importance of Listening When Creating Mind Maps

The Importance of Listening Bad listening habits are observed by people around us on a daily basis – and even we may be guilty of practicing them as well. When we listen to a speaker, do we often reject the subject out of hand as being “not interesting enough?” Or do we pass judgement on […]

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Mind Mapping And the Brain

We live in the information age, which means that our problem is less one of obtaining information and more one of retaining and organizing all the quantities of information that we are required to ingest both during our studies and afterwards to keep up with rapid changes in many fields and a continual influx of […]

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Memory Improvement Methods Based on Finding Your Best Learning Style

Our memory is so important since it helps us to keep those life events in our mind for the years to come. Of course when you remember a memory from 15 years before but you forget the grocery list, it can be so irritating. There are many who want to find a way that they […]

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