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Increase IQ Easy Tips

Increase IQ Catapult your IQ and Learning ability, First Make Sure To Visit our section on Category: Meditation Academic performance and various other means to increase IQ work that come in the form of learning something new, taking on a project, solving a problem, and such will all depend upon your own self-confidence related to […]

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Tips To Improve Your EI Emotional Intelligence and Your EQ

Many of us know that there’s a world of difference between knowledge and behavior, or applying that cognition to make alterations in our lives. There are a lot of things we might know and wish to do, but don’t or can’t when we’re under pressure. This is particularly true when it comes to emotional intelligence. […]

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Creative Thinking Skills and Techniques

If creative thinking does not come naturally to you then do not worry, you can still develop the skill. You do not have to be a natural. In fact, all you need is to bring the skills you have to the table and build upon them to make yourself a creative thinker. Here are some […]

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Memory and Your Senses Role

  Did you know that the impressions received from your five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell have a significant role in the retention of information in your mind? These are called Memory of Sense Impressions. However, when you come down to a systematic analysis of sense impressions retained in the memory, you’ll […]

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Memory Improvement Methods Based on Finding Your Best Learning Style

Our memory is so important since it helps us to keep those life events in our mind for the years to come. Of course when you remember a memory from 15 years before but you forget the grocery list, it can be so irritating. There are many who want to find a way that they […]

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5 Simple Tips To Turbo Boost Your Brain Power

Finally, people are starting to understand! Being intelligent matters. Despite the negative stigma given to intelligent people and so called nerds, society now understands that intelligence often counts more than muscle power, especially in this day and age. Suddenly, being smart is cool. People want to develop brainpower these days. This means not just being […]

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