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Tools to Help You Focus and Concentrate on Your Goals and Objectives

For some people, meeting objectives and goals can be difficult. If you are one of the millions of people who have trouble with focus and concentration, dont give up; by following simple guidelines; there is hope for you to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. The place in which you …

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Tips and strategies to help you crack the IBPS PO exam

IBPS PO exam is one of the most sought after banking jobs in India. Every year lakhs of aspiring candidates compete to become a Bank Officer in one of the 20 Public Sector Banks and Regional Rural Banks. The competition is intense and the intensity seems to be increasing year after year. A …

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Help me sleep

Do you know that prevention is better than cure? In fact, if you prevent insomnia from happening on you, you can lead a better life! Today in this article, I will provide you some tips and tricks that can help you sleep in no time! (I used these methods to help me sleep before, so […]

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How Brain Scans Can Help Ailing Veterans

Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist and Tedx speaker, revealed to his audience in a segment called “The Most Important Lesson from 83,000 Brain Injuries” the ineffectiveness of modern psychiatric practices. He also referred to the influx of returning U.S. combat veterans who served in Iraq and/or …

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Brain Fitness Software Programs to Help Individuals From All Age Groups Have a Better Mental Health

The most complex body organ is the brain. In fact, it is extremely complicated to comprehend it fully. An inexplicable biological system exists in the brain consisting of various neurotransmitters & chemicals. The whole human system is controlled by the brain, so any issues with the brain …

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Advantages Balancing the Brain The traditional method of note-taking consists of listening to a speaker and writing down what the person says in a linear form. Even though it involves writing, it is very attached to the auditory stream of consciousness mode: one thing after another. Mind mapping, on the other hand, takes the ideas […]

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