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Free Your Intuition Develop Heightened Intuition

In order to develop intuition you have to first realize that you already have it and just need to free your intuition. If you previously had a premonition about something then it’s known as intuition. In other words when your mind imagines more things which you are not consciously aware of is … A breakthrough […]

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Do Rats Have Free Will?

New research on the neural basis of ‘spontaneous’ actions in rats could shed light on the philosophical mystery that is human ‘free will’. The study, just published in Nature Neuroscience, is called Neural antecedents of self-initiated actions in secondary motor cortex. It’s from researchers Masayoshi Murakami and colleagues of Portugal’s excellently-named Champalimaud Centre for the […]

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Math by Hand is a Great way to Keep your Mind Active

Math for the Brain>> In the early years of school we learn the basics of math. Those skills definitely are used in many aspects of our lives. However, as adults we tend to rely on other methods for calculating things. As a result our skills aren’t nearly as sharp as they used to be. Have […]

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What Is Brainwave Meditation

Today brainwave meditation is only increasing in popularity. Back before there was such a huge range of products promoting this interesting form of meditation, a variety of skeptics were out there. Some did not believe this actually had an effect on the  subconscious mind,, body, and it’s role in spirituality and psychology. This disbelief was […]

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How To Increase IQ, Improve Intelligence| Brain Power Improving Memory and Focus

The first thing to be aware of is that IQ can indeed be increased. Researchers and academics once thought that IQ couldn’t be increased but this is a total myth with no scientific basis whatsoever. The proper name for IQ is “fluid intelligence” and you will generally hear of academics talking about fluid intelligence more […]

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