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Brain Exercises can help Reduce the Risk of Mental Illness

Brain Exercises / Brain Games >> There are many different types of mental illness in the world, and they affect people differently. This is why it is often so hard to pinpoint what they situation is and then to find the right course of treatment for it. The goal with such treatment is to help […]

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Zen and the Art of Creative Maintenance

To achieve a Zen-like state, everything needs to be in alignment. Harmony is the key word. The problem is there in front of you, along with the necessary skills and talent. You know you can do it. You’re filled with self-confidence. Creative energy fills the room. Everything just clicks. It’s the perfect atmosphere for problem […]

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IQ and Intelligence Increasing Technique You Can Try Today

IQ and intelligence increasing is one of those topics where most people think they don’t have a choice. People say intelligence is genetic, that you can’t increase it, that it’s all to do with education etc etc. But i say this to you now: Society is full of lies. And these lies which people say […]

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Mind Mapping for Children

There is a growing movement nowadays among educators who are familiar with the benefits of mind mapping, to try to apply it to educating children. Is this advisable? Michael Tipper is a speed-reading instructor who also teaches mind mapping to children. He says that the approach of the teacher should be based on the age […]

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