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Brain Music – Affect of Music on the Brain

Brain Music Music appears to be processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. The way we experience music also affects our nervous system. There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is playing. Music can effect hormones, encourage the production of cortisol, testosterone, and oxytocin. Brain Music can even trigger […]

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Does Hypnosis Work? Online Hypnosis Sites

Many people find that they are interested in hypnosis. They wonder if it can really work or not. Finding answers to your questions regarding hypnosis online is not difficult if you know where to look. It may be of great benefit to you to investigate all of your options when it comes to hypnosis online. […]

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Advantages Balancing the Brain The traditional method of note-taking consists of listening to a speaker and writing down what the person says in a linear form. Even though it involves writing, it is very attached to the auditory stream of consciousness mode: one thing after another. Mind mapping, on the other hand, takes the ideas […]

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