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Neuroeconomics – Capitalisation on Consumer Control?

In an attempt to explain the internal processes governing the occurrences in the economic world, neuroeconomics is an emerging interdisciplinary field attempting to merge psychology and economic theory. Simply put, the biological basis of behavioral economics; how and why people make judgements and decisions with economic consequences in terms of simple cerebral biology. But why […]

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Meet the Parasites That Control Human Brains

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to enjoy some monster stories, and the scariest monsters of all are those that actually exist. Join us as we share tales of some of the creepiest parasites around — those that control the brains of their human hosts, sometimes leaving insanity and death in their wake. […]

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Control How You Think, Feel, Drastically Improve Concentration, Control Stress With Mindfulness Techniques

Learning to control how you think and feel has many positive effects towards an increased ability to concentrate and focus on yourself instead of the negativity of others. By practicing mindfulness techniques daily, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling less stressful and more positive about each … Read Full Article here Download Relaxing Solutions MP3 for […]

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FREE Brain Entrainment Downloads Try FREE : CD MP3 plus Reviews

Free Relaxation Meditation Brain Entrainment MP3 – [Click Here] Brainwave Entrainment Home Brain Gym Free MP3 Sample [Click Here] Brain Salon is a series of 6 MP3 brainwave recordings for focus, sleep, relaxation & more [ Click Here for Free MP3 Demo] Brainwave Entrainment Programs, Reviews, Roladex Audio: CD or MP3 Deep Trance Brainwave Entrainment […]

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