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Connection Between Brain, Depression and Effectiveness of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a type of therapy that uses various, rather aggressive, medicines to eliminate cancer cells from the body or slow down the growth of tumors. Cancer cells are different from normal cells as they reproduce a lot faster. Chemotherapy specifically targets the fast dividing cells and thus affects cancer cells the most. However, chemotherapy […]

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Mobile Phones and Cancer – No Connection?

Mobile phones are pretty much ubiquitous. And so are discussions on the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields associated with cell phone radiation. &8230; [visit site to read more]

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Communication- Establishing Connection Instantly

COMMUNICATING AND ESTABLISHING A CONNECTION INSTANTLY by Barbara J. Stepp, Premier Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, No Fault Psychology™, NLP, DHE® Master Trainer WHEN WE MEET someone our first impression is critical. It doesn’t matter what the situation. It has probably happened to us all …

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