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Diabetes-Associated Cognitive Impairment – Not Just For the Elderly

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is on the rise; it can actually be regarded as an epidemic propagating as a consequence of poor lifestyle choices &8211; bad feeding habits and sedentarism. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that there are over 380 million cases of diabetes throughout the world and predict that it may […]

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Brain Training – Can We Really Enhance Our Cognitive Skills?

“Under what conditions does brain training work?” was the question posed at one of the sessions of the SharpBrains Virtual Summit, Monitoring and Enhancing Brain Health in the Pervasive Neuroscience Era, an event that brought together over 30 of the world’s top experts on brain health enhancement through emerging neurotechnological interventions. This is a very interesting […]

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Concept Mapping and Cognitive Maps

A technique which is related to Mind Mapping (and is often confused with it) is Concept Mapping. Mistaking Mind Mapping for Concept Mapping is easy since both emphasize the visual format of spider diagrams whose ideas branch out from one another. The basic difference, though, is that while a mind map is founded on one […]

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