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Boost Confidence with Brain Training

Confidence is an attractive and necessary quality to succeed in business, relationships, and life. But, it is a subjective and, sometimes, misunderstood characteristic. From the painfully shy to the arrogantly over-confident, what makes people think and feel what they think and feel about themselves? The authors of a new study report that they have uncovered […]

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Get a Boost in Your Creativity from Your Environment – How Surroundings Can Be Adjusted to Promote Inventiveness

Do you know what makes you more creative sometimes as opposed to other days? The answer is not easy to figure out. One day you may find you are more creative when working in a cooler place of work and the next day low lighting seems to work best. However, here has been research in […]

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Benefits of Exercise on the Brain and Steps to Getting a Brain Boost through Aerobics and Physical Exercise

Benefits of physical and aerobic exercise are stupendous when considering brain building and optimal thinking techniques today. A simple solution to optimizing your brain may lie in a disciplined and smart approach to adding physical exercise that will not only make your whole body healthier but …

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Boost Your Brain Power! (The Smart IS Sexy Series)

Become a mental giant! It’s simple – with these tips to help boost your brain power! Raise Your IQ every day with News Health Guru: http://news.healthguru.com.

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Law of Attraction , Subconscious Mind Power and Manifesting Your Desires

Control your life, start with controlling your thoughts and your mind and absolutely manifest your wildest desires. There is a catch. We may even be attracting into our lives the things we don’t want. Learn the mistakes that you can avoid and exact techniques to attain your desires in record speed. The irresistable, natural law […]

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