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Can We Predict Which People Will Be Better At Learning Foreign Languages?

One common gripe we probably have when we observe that friend who can speak effortlessly in a dozen different tongues may be something along the lines of: “Why is he or she so good at learning languages – it’s not fair!” Well, now it appears that perhaps there is indeed some hidden advantage this friend […]

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Brain Fitness Software Programs to Help Individuals From All Age Groups Have a Better Mental Health

The most complex body organ is the brain. In fact, it is extremely complicated to comprehend it fully. An inexplicable biological system exists in the brain consisting of various neurotransmitters & chemicals. The whole human system is controlled by the brain, so any issues with the brain …

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Brain and Heart Management for Better Success

Brain and Heart Management for Better Success By Bill Cottringer The lion’s share of success and failure is mostly due to how well we manage our brains and hearts—specifically how we learn, grow and improve the thinking and feeling which drives our behavior. Psychologists have never …

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Writing Down Your Thoughts Will Make You a Better Thinker

So many things happen around us each day that it’s nearly impossible for us to remember them all. Although, our thought process is quite complicated, still it can be fascinating enough. All we need to do is maintain a journal, and daily write down all the things that happened throughout the day. …

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