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A Virtual Brain – The Benefits of Brain Modelling

Humans have acquired a certain amount of knowledge about the laws which govern our world. It is far from complete, but what we already know allows us to build theories and speculate about how our world works. In this continuous effort of explanation, building models that mimic and predict natural phenomena plays a substantial role. […]

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Brainwave Entrainment Definitions of Aplha Beta Theta Delta Gamma Brain Waves and Benefits of Deep Relaxation

When the brain is working, electrical activity is happening and this electrical activity actually comes up with what is known as brain wave frequencies. Brain wave patterns are measured in cycles per second, or hertz. Brainwaves come in a variety of different categories. These categories of …

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Benefits of Exercise on the Brain and Steps to Getting a Brain Boost through Aerobics and Physical Exercise

Benefits of physical and aerobic exercise are stupendous when considering brain building and optimal thinking techniques today. A simple solution to optimizing your brain may lie in a disciplined and smart approach to adding physical exercise that will not only make your whole body healthier but …

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